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SMA Multicluster Box for Sunny Island Inverters

AC/DC Coupling for off-grid solar and on-grid battery backup Sunny Island power systems


Sunny Island Multicluster

Larger systems are configured with Multicluster boxes that have a
source/load center like the one pictured above. With the appropriate
Sunny Island power panels, a Multicluster Box can seamlessly integrate
several Sunny Island inverters into one reliable AC/DC coupled power system.

The Multicluster Box for the Sunny Island 4548-US and Sunny Island 6048-US is the ideal solution for the easy installation of off-grid systems up to 100 kW.

Two to four three-phase clusters, each with three Sunny Islands, can be connected in parallel. The Multicluster Box is pre-wired for operation and equipped with a main connection for solar systems or wind energy systems. The communication cables necessary for installation are also included.

Sunny Island 3 phase inverter cluster
Larger off-grid solar panel system AC grids are possible and reliable with Sunny Island Multiclusters.

SMA Multicluster for Larger Off-Grid Solar Systems

Because solar energy is available all over the world, most Sunny Island system solutions are primarily based on the use of solar panel power. Moreover, solar panel systems are highly adjustable and wear-resistant. Sunny Island also takes advantage of generators or AC utility grid to charge batteries. Photovoltaic solar power allows one an extended power source when other resources are not available.

Multicluster-Box 12UMulticluster-Box 12U

Sunny Island 3 phase inverter cluster
3 inverters per 3-phase cluster. 4 clusters maximum per Multicluster Box.

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Sunny Island Multicluster solar battery system

US Army, Marshall Islands
Sunny Island Multicluster Solar System Project

Critical power for the US Department of Defense
Solar Electric Supply designed and supplied this 30 kW Sunny Island system to the US Army on the remote Bikini Atoll Islands in 2011. It provides critical power for satellite communications, a school, and base power. The AC coupled system uses a four Sunny Boy 5KW PV inverters and solar panel arrays distributed on the base that feed the six Sunny Island inverters for 30 kW 208 VAC three phase power. Dual 30 kW diesel gensets are controlled by the Sunny Islands and Multicluster for backup and load sharing. A parallel Deka sealed AGM battery bank rated at 130 kWh @ 48 VDC provides backup power at night and during cloudy weather. Save time and money by contacting us for your next SMA Multicluster project.

Multicluster combiner box
The Multicluster-Box 12U features load breakers and AC distribution.

Multicluster Box Review

· Integrated AC distribution for Sunny Island, generator and PV systems
· Can accommodate various generator, PV and load sizes
· For systems up to 100 kW

· Load shedding, Sunny Island and generator contactors and circuit breakers
· Circuit breaker for PV system

Enhanced Safety
· Reverse current monitoring
· Simple emergency operation of the generator

SMA Sunny Island Multicluster three-phase cluster system
Two to four three-phase clusters, each with three Sunny Islands, can be connected in parallel.


SMA Multicluster inverter system

Multicluster systems can become microgrids for
larger local AC grids.

Sunny Island Multicluster Solar System

SMA Sunny Island Multicluster solar system
Multiclusters, each with three Sunny Islands charging batteries, can be connected in parallel to a microgrid of Sunny Boy PV inverters for supplementing the local grid island AC power with solar panel systems. Contact us for details.

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