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Sunny Boy 240-US

For 240 VAC Home Solar Systems
Up to 240 watt AC output
Input Power (DC)
SMA Model Number Sunny Boy 240-US
STC Rating 250 W
Maximum DC Input 45 V
MPPT Efficiency >0.95
MPPT DC Voltage Range 23-32 V
Minimum Start Voltage 23 V
Max DC Short Circuit Current Protected
Max Input Current 8.5 A
Max Units per Branch Circuit 12

Sunny Boy 240-US Micro Inverter


SMA Sunny Boy 240-US Micro Inverter

Easy inverter installation, expandable and ideal for partially shaded solar panel systems

Sunny Boy

micro inverter

The SMA Sunny Boy 240-US micro inverter represents a simplified PV system concept. This grid-tie microinverter offers several key advantages when it comes to system design and installation.

SMA’s Sunny Boy 240-US micro inverter comes with pre-assembled AC plugs and connection cables, a variety of DC connector options and the elimination of a trunk cable which saves time and money.

The Sunny Boy 240-US offers leading efficiency, design flexibility, simplicity and module-level optimization, all backed by SMA’s unrivaled bankability and service support. It also features exclusive SMA Sunny Multigate technology, which maximizes system reliability.

Advanced Features

Optimized reliability
  • Multigate technology allows for reduced component count
  • Private band powerline for highly reliable communications
  • Overvoltage protection enhances durability
Simple installation
  • Ideal for complex roofs
  • Pre-assembled AC plugs and connection cables
  • Multiple DC connector options and daisy chain configuration
Unrivaled monitoring
  • The Sunny Multigate is a reliable, distortion-free solution
  • Module-level, customized reporting through Sunny Portal
  • Remote monitoring via the Internet or iPhone and Android apps
SMA-backed security
  • 30-year history and strong financials create stability and ensure full warranty support
  • German engineered, assembled in the USA for unmatched quality
  • #1 ranked service offering

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SMA Sunny Boy 240-US Micro Inverter Review

SMA’s micro inverter system is the perfect solution for many residential grid-tie solar system installations.

You don't need to know advanced PV plant design to install the Sunny Boy 240-US micro inverter and Sunny Multigate, it is quite simple. One branch circuit set of Sunny Boy 240-US microinverters (up to 12 total) with one Sunny Multigate will make a basic grid-tie inverter system.

Two or more sets of Sunny Boy 240-US micro inverters can exist in one installation with the Sunny Multigate. The SMA Multigate-XT enclosure is available in configurations that house one, two, three or four Multigate-US units for systems up to 48 modules (12 modules x 4 Multigate-US). The Multigate-XT2,3 and 4 models offer an integrated Ethernet switch for simple networking to a single router.

There is no limit to PV system size for the Sunny Boy 240-US micro inverters. Each Sunny Multigate can be connected to a maximum of 12 micro inverters.

Other advantages include increased energy production due to module-specific MPP tracking and the ability to add on to a system incrementally. This makes it desirable to the handy DIY homeowner or solar contractor who would like to install a grid-tie system that is easy and expandable.

SMA’s Sunny Boy micro inverter system enhances design flexibility for home installers and solar contractors in the U.S. It features simple installation, an innovative communications platform and is especially applicable for residential systems and rooftops with complex, shaded situations.

The SMA Sunny Multigate-US 10 is an integral component to the Sunny Boy micro inverter system, providing a clear, distortion-free communication solution for micro inverter installations while optimizing system reliability. It provides an electrical interface to the main service panel, networking support for panel-level monitoring and diagnostics, country settings and overvoltage protection. The Sunny Multigate supports DIN rail or wall mounting, and is designed for maximum AC ratings of 12 A / 2.88 kW.

Superior reliability is achieved with the Sunny Multigate-US, which allows for fewer components exposed to heat stress under the module and greatly improves communication reliability versus other micro inverter systems. An improved cabling concept further elevates the Sunny Boy 240-US from the competition by eliminating the need for a trunk cable.

Each micro inverter will send data to their respective Multigate. When commissioning the system each Multigate will be registered with "Sunny Portal", the SMA Sunny Boy solar system monitoring website, using the same username or e-mail addresses. You can easily toggle between the 12 Sunny Boy 240-US/Multigate systems. Up to four Sunny Multigates can be displayed on an individual PV system page.

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