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IronRidge FlashFoot2

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IronRidge FlashFoot2

The strongest solar panel attachment for composition shingle roofs.

IronRidge FlashFoot2 raises the bar in solar roof protection. The unique water seal design is both elevated and encapsulated, delivering redundant layers of protection against water intrusion. In addition, the twist-on Cap perfectly aligns the rail attachment with the lag bolt to maximize mechanical strength.

The Next Evolution in Flashing

  • Completely redesigned seal that is elevated and fully encapsulated
  • Built-in alignment markers and a 7/16″ lag bolt streamline installs
  • Simple twist-on Cap replaces traditional L-Foot connections
  • Available in both mill and black finishes
IronRidge FlashFoot2

FlashFoot2’s unique Cap design encapsulates the lag bolt and locks into place with a simple twist.

FlashFoot2 3 tier water seal

Three-Tier Water Seal

FlashFoot2’s seal architecture utilizes three layers of protection. An elevated platform diverts water away, while a stack of rugged components raises the seal an entire inch. The seal is then fully-encapuslated by the Cap.

FlashFoot2 single socket size

Single Socket Size

A custom-design lag bolt allows you to install FlashFoot2 with the same 7/16” socket size used on other IronRidge Flush Mount System components.

water shedding design

Water-Shedding Design

An elevated platform diverts water away from the water seal.

FlashFoot2 Cocentric Loading

Benefits of Cocentric Loading

Traditional solar attachments have a horizontal offset between the rail and lag bolt, which introduces leverage on the lag bolt and decreases uplift capacity.

FlashFoot2 is the only product to align the rail and lag bolt. This concentric loading design results in a stronger attachment for the system.

Testing & Certification

Structural Certification
Designed and Certified for Compliance with the International Building Code & ASCE/SEI-7.

Water Seal Ratings
Water Sealing Tested to UL 441 Section 27 “Rain Test” and TAS 100-95 “Wind Driven Rain Test” by Intertek.
Ratings applicable for composition shingle roofs having slopes between 2:12 and 12:12.

UL 2703
Conforms to UL 2703 Mechanical and Bonding Requirements. See Flush Mount Install Manual for full ratings.

IronRidge FlashFoot2 Tech Brief & Installation Overview

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FlashFoot2 TAS 100 test

FlashFoot2 is the first solar attachment to pass the TAS-100 Wind-Driven Rain Test.

Complete systems available featuring IronRidge XR Rails and the FlashFoot2 mounting system.


Contractor Discounts Available

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