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ProSolar TileTrac

ProSolar TileTrac

Low-profile solar panel roof-mount attachment for concrete tile and composition roofs.

TileTrac attachment
ProSolar TileTrac Concrete Roof Tile Structural Attachment
ProSolar Made in USA

The ProSolar TileTrac®'s cost effective design and water tight seal have made it the industry preferred tile attachment for over 15 years. Use of the TileTrac® allows for attachment installation with just the drilling of a small hole, as opposed to cutting out the roof tile. One of the main advantages of the Tile Trac solar panel roof mounting system is that it can work with almost any roof type and does not require flashing. Its stainless steel and aluminum construction ensure long-term durability and reliability.

TileTrac reduces the possibility of broken tiles and leaking roofs, allowing the installer to make structural attachments to the roof rafter. RoofTrac® installed with TileTrac allows the height of the solar support rails to be adjusted to compensate for uneven roofs.

TileTrac Benefits

· Easiest and lowest cost waterproof tile roof attachment
· Aluminum and Stainless Steel components for maximum corrosion resistance and strength
· 3rd party lab waterproof and load tested
· Triple seal design at underlayment and top of tile
· Includes Stainless Steel tile flashing and lag bolt
· UL2703 system tested with ProSolar Roof Trac rail to 45 psf (3x minimum UL2703 standard)
· Includes aluminum subflashing for double flashing
· Over 20 years of industry preferred single lag bolt design

TileTrac Design

ProSolar TileTrac structurally attaches to roof rafter and allows the ProSolar® RoofTrac® rail attachment stud to be located at the strongest area of the tile (the crown area) where water does not flow.

Without TileTrac

With TileTrac

flat concrete tile roof with TileTrac
ProSolar TileTrac shown installed on a flat concrete tile roof.
short stud next to 6 inch stud
TT-18T w/ 6" thread for curved tile next to the 1.5" TT-18S "Short Stud" for composition shingle roofs.

Composition Roof Mounting Using the Short Stud TileTrac TT-18S

TileTrac mounted on composition shingle roof
TileTrac composition roof water flow

The TileTrac solar panel mounting attachment is the perfect solution for composition shingle roofs. The Tile Trac design allows for a low profile to the roof while still enabling water and debris to naturally shed from the roof. The support rail is lifted enough to allow proper air-flow to dry the roof under the system preventing solar system related damage as shown to the right.

The Tile Trac attachment system has an ideal base for surface mounting on composition roofs. It has over 10 square inches of base to prevent damaging delicate composition shingles and it allows easy positioning of the bolt or all-thread that secures the support rail.


ProSolar TileTrac Accessories

RoofTrac Rails
RoofTrac Rails
Universal Self-Bonding Splice Assembly
Universal Self-Bonding Splice Assembly
Self-Bonding Mid Clamp Assembly
Self-Bonding Mid Clamp Assembly
End Clamp Assembly
End Clamp Assembly
Module Bonding Mid-Clamp Bonding Nut
Module Bonding Mid-Clamp Bonding Nut
End Clamp Bonding Channel Nut
End Clamp Bonding Channel Nut
TileTrac USA Flashing
Flashing stamped with "TileTrac USA"
Ilsco SGB-4 Grounding Lug
Ilsco SGB-4 Grounding Lug
Decorative Front Skirt and Clamp Set
Decorative Front Skirt & Clamp Set
Microinverter/Optimizer Bonding Channel Nut
Microinverter/Optimizer Bonding Channel Nut


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