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Prosolar Tiletrac

prosolar tiletrac mounting option tile trac short & long studs
TT-18T with 6" all thread
for tile roof
TT-18S 1.5" Short Stud
for comp shingle roof
TT 18S composition roof application

The TileTrac attachment device is the perfect solution for composition shingle and concrete tile roofs. The Tile Trac design allows for a low profile to the roof while still enabling water and debris to naturally shed from the roof.

The main advantage of the Tile Trac solar panel roof mounting system is that it can work with almost any roof type and does not require flashing.

The Tile Trac attachment system is the perfect base for surface mounting on composition roofs. It has over 10 square inches of base to prevent damaging delicate composition shingles and it allows easy positioning of the bolt or all-thread that secures the support rail.

TT 18S parts
TT 18T parts

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