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We carry the following Isofoton solar panels:


Solar Electric Supply provides Isofoton monocrystalline solar panels at a discount price.
Commercial, government, educational and contractor discounts available.


  • Monocrystalline cells are very effcient and have an attractive black color.
  • Isofoton solar panels feature microestructured glass with greater capacity to absorb diffuse light, improving energy yield.
  • The ISF series is the lightest in its class for ease of installation.
  • Isofoton has more than 30 years experience manufacturing cells and solar modules.
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Monocrystalline Data Sheets

info Isofoton ISF 235 Monocrystalline
info Isofoton ISF 240 Monocrystalline
info Isofoton ISF 245 Monocrystalline

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Isofoton has a 25 Year Linear Output Warranty
Isophoton Review

Isofoton guarantees the product workmanship of their solar panels for 10 years.

Isofoton guarantees 80% or higher performance for 25 years on a linear scale.

*in accordance with the applicable Isofoton Warranty at purchase.

Isofoton History

Isofoton was founded in Málaga (Spain) in 1981 as a spin-off of a university project driven by Professor D. Antonio Luque of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, its first Chairman of the Board.

In 1985 ISOFOTON consolidated its activities in the solar energy field, incorporating the production technology of thermal collectors.

In 1997 the Bergé Group became the owner of ISOFOTON. In July of 2007 the Alba Corporation bought 26% of the company with the intention of joining the stock market.

In February of 2008, company CEO José Luis Manzano was relieved from duty. Carlos Torres, former managing director of Endesa, took his place.

In July of the same year, the Bergé Group bought back 26% of ISOFOTON, property of Alba Corporation.

Since July of 2010 ISOFOTON is part of the AFFIRMA Business Group (80% ownership), whom expertise in the development of solar projects. ISOFOTON is also owned by TOPTEC (20% ownership), a South Korean company that specializes in industrial automation.




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