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Jinko Solar Panels

We supply the latest Jinko Eagle solar panel models at low wholesale prices.

Jinko Eagle 72 Module

Jinko Solar has been the best-selling brand of modules globally since 2016. To help meet demand in the United States, they've launching one of the world’s most advanced, fully automated module assembly facilities in Jacksonville, Florida. Locating their factory in the United States allows them to provide tariff-free modules and better, more efficient local service. These products include high-powered Mono PERC, half-cell solar panels for the commercial and utility-scale market. The popular Jinko Eagle 72 Series modules we supply are virtually the same as Jinko Cheetah solar panels yet made in the USA with premium Diamond solar cells and UL Certified 1500 VDC system capability.

The ingot and wafer represent the base and the most important part of Jinko's solar panel manufacturing process. Unlike other module manufacturers, Jinko Solar carefully produces their own ingots and wafers in-house. Using the latest silicon technology and advanced ingot seeding, only the highest performing wafers are produced and used for Jinko solar panels. These wafers are backed by DuPont™ Tedlar®, the only backsheet material proven to protect solar panels in the field for over 30 years, even in extreme conditions.

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Eagle 72 Modules


Jinko Eagle 72 G4 Bifacial Solar Panels

Jinko Solar Panel Review

Jinko Solar: Most Chosen Solar Panel Brand

As solar technology has matured, the challenge is to harness the sun’s power in the most reliable and cost effective manner in order to fulfill energy needs for decades to come. Jinko Solar has a proven track record as the ideal partner for making the best solar panels and delivering unparalleled service on the way to becoming the most chosen solar panel brand in the market.

What Sets Jinko Solar Apart

An ideal solar panel manufacturer offers three key attributes: quality products, operational efficiency, and an unconditional commitment to its customers. Many manufacturers today offer one or two of these advantages; only Jinko Solar provides the whole package. Jinko Solar has state-of-the-art, modern manufacturing facilities around the globe that produce dependable, world-class products with an unblemished quality record. Jinko also has a near-perfect on-time delivery rate and the management resolve to remain a committed partner to our customers over the entire 25-year lifespan of their solar projects. Simply put, Jinko always keeps their commitments.

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Jinko Solar Redefined Integration

Jinko Solar redefined what it means for a solar company to be vertically integrated. Yes, it means start-to-finish in-house manufacturing of everything from growing the ingots, slicing the wafers and creating solar cells, modules, frames, connectors and junction boxes. But at Jinko Solar, they also integrate on-time delivery, unmatched service and unrivaled product reliability as part of our structure. Each part ensures that we remain fully connected to our customers and highly responsive to their needs.

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Jinko Solar Panels: Made in the USA

JinkoSolar (U.S.) Inc. provides comprehensive, industry-leading, locally based support to solar installers and owners across the United States and Canada. JinkoSolar is the most-chosen brand in U.S. utility and the fastest-growing in U.S. DG projects. With a full-service team in San Francisco, the company is connected to its customers at every step of the transaction, including an on-time delivery rate of 99.9% and strong post-sale support. In 2018, JinkoSolar began manufacturing PV modules in Jacksonville, Florida.

Jinko Made in USA

Jinko Solar Panel Specifications

Jinko Eagle 72 HM G2 Series Specifications

@ STC JKM390M-72HL-V JKM395M-72HL-V JKM400M-72HL-V JKM405M-72HL-V JKM410M-72HL-V
Nominal Power
390 395 400 405 410
PTC Rating 361.8 366.6 371.4 376.1 377.2
Open Circuit
49.3V 49.5V 49.8V 50.1V 50.4V
Short Circuit
10.12A 10.23A 10.36A 10.48A 10.60A
Module Efficiency 19.38% 19.63% 19.88% 20.13% 20.38%

Jinko Eagle 72 G4 Bifacial Series Specifications

Nominal Power
PTC Rating No PTC
Open Circuit
Short Circuit
Module Efficiency @ 5% Bifacial Gain (452Wp) 20.76%
Module Efficiency @ 15% Bifacial Gain (495Wp) 22.73%
Module Efficiency @ 25% Bifacial Gain (538Wp) 24.70%

Jinko Solar is a global leader in the industry and the PV module manufacturer of choice for developers, EPCs, installers, and financiers. Their vertically integrated manufacturing, financial stability, and operational efficiency have produced results that simply outpace the competition.

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