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Model Number YL230P-29b
STC Rating 230.0
PTC Rating 206.6
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 37.0
Short Circuit Current (A) 8.40
Frame Color Silver
Origin China
Power % ± -3/3
(W/ft²) 13.07
Area (ft²) 17.6
Weight (lbs) 43.7
Length (in) 64.96
Width (in) 38.98
Height (in) 2.00

Yingli YL230P-29b Solar Panels

SKU YL230P-29b

Product Features:

  • High efficiency, polycrystalline solar cells
  • High transmission and textured glass
  • Module series efficiency of up to 14.4%
  • Power tolerance of +/-3%
  • Robust, corrosion resistant aluminium frame
  • 25 year limited power warranty

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Product Highlights:

  • After careful research, we have chosen a leading Chinese manufacturer of solar modules for our complete grid tie systems
  • Our selection criteria was module quality and performance and company financial health and stability
  • Yingli is one of the leading photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers in China
  • Yingli has a vertically integrated business model, from the manufacture of multicrystalline polysilicon ingots and wafers, PV cells, to PV modules
  • Yingli also was awarded a 42MW contract with Acciona Energy to help build the world's largest solar plant in Moah, Portugal
  • Yingli was listed on the New York Stock Exchange on June 8, 2007 and has maintained a healthy stock value in spite of the economic downturns
Yingli YL230P-29b mechanical parameters Yingli YL230P-29b electrical parameters Yingli YL230P-29b Dimensions Yingli YL230P-29b Dimensions