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Q Cells Q. Peak ground mounted solar system review
System Part # SES-Q.PEAK-DUO-G5-325-29.25-2XSE11.4H-GND
System Power 29.25 KW
Watts per Sq./Ft. 17.92
Panel PTC Rating 300.7
Panel Frame Color Black
Panel Dimensions 66.3" x 39.4" x 1.26"
Solar Array Area 1,633 sq. ft.
System List Price
System Price per Watt $1.54
Enphase SMA Sunny Boy
Enphase and SMA Sunny Boy inverters also available.

29.25kW Ground Mounted Q.PEAK DUO G5 Solar Panel System

SKU SES-Q.PEAK-DUO-G5-325-29.25-2XSE11.4H-GND
Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO G5 ground mounted solar system review

29.25kW Ground Mounted Q.PEAK DUO G5 Solar Panel System

This Q.PEAK solar panel system was designed for ground mounting with record breaking Q.PEAK DUO G5 325 solar panels from Q CELLS at a low wholesale price. This complete residential solar system comes with your choice of IronRidge or ProSolar ground mounting system, Q CELLS "Q.PEAK DUO-G5" 325 watt solar panels, SolarEdge inverter, Power Optimizers, and everything but standard hardware.

Q.PEAK solar panel system w/ ground mount:

Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO G5 solar panel corner view
Record breaking Q.PEAK DUO G5 solar panels feature Q.ANTUM DUO Q CELLS engineered in Germany.
  • 90 325W Q.PEAK DUO-G5 325 Q CELLS solar panels
  • 2 SolarEdge HD Wave SE11400H-US grid-tie inverters
  • 90 SolarEdge Power Optimizers
  • Prosolar Groundtrac or Ironridge ground mount system
  • MC PV module connection cables
  • Grounding lugs
  • Array combiners in larger systems
  • AC/DC solar disconnects
  • Site specific electrical single and three line schematics
  • All wire sizing/type are specified in our electrical schematics
  • CA stamped structural testing reports for mounting system
  • Component installation manuals
  • Friendly professional technical assistance in the USA.

Contact us for low-priced custom Q.PEAK ground-mount solar panel system options.

With Solar Electric Supply,
you have a choice!
power optimizer
Power Optimizers
other inverter
String Inverter
battery backup
Battery Backup

What's Not Included?

  • Standard conduit, ground, tie-in wiring & landing breakers
  • Additional load center hardware, breaker boxes, etc.
Quality grid-tie system components and expert assistance assure you made the best decision when you purchased your Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO G5 modules and USA designed solar system from Solar Electric Supply.

Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO G5 Linear Performance Guarantee

Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO G5  warranty
Q.PEAK DUO G5 Linear Performance Guarantee
Inclusive 12-year product warranty
25-year linear performance guarantee
  • At least 98 % of nominal power during first year.
  • Thereafter max. 0.54 % degradation per year.
  • At least 93.1 % of nominal power up to 10 years.
  • At least 85 % of nominal power up to 25 years.

    Q.PEAK DUO G5 Certifications

  • UL 1703; VDE Quality Tested; CE-compliant;
  • IEC 61215 (Ed.2); IEC 61730 (Ed.1) application class A
  • Safety Class: II
  • Fire Rating: UL Type 1
  • Q.PEAK ground-mounted solar system:

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