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Hanwha SolarOne

Hanwha SolarOne

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About Hanwha

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SolarOne Efficient 3-Busbar Configuration

Hanwha SolarOne solar panels feature 3-busbar cells. By decreasing the amount of space between busbars and the distance the current must travel, Hanwha SolarOne’s 3-busbar solar cells reduce current loss and increase cell power output. As such, the power output of a 3-busbar module is higher than a standard 2-busbar module.

Weather-resistant Solar Module Frame

Hanwha SolarOne's module frames are constructed of aluminum alloy, and treated to corrosion resistant oxidation coating, for maximum endurance in rugged weather conditions including water exposure, wind pressure, hail impact, and snow load.

EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate)

Hanwha SolarOne polycrystalline modules benefit from EVA sourced from one of the world's most widely regarded, high-quality EVA producers. In addition to using the best raw material to encapsulate cells within modules, Hanwha SolarOne also conducts regular testing to ensure that the material consistently meets our rigorous quality standards.

Durable Glass Surface

The glass surface of Hanwha SolarOne solar modules provides durability. They are proven to withstand significant impacts including falling steel marbles that weigh over 1 kg (2.2 lbs). They are also field tested to support over 300kg (660 lbs) of load per square meter (10.7 ft2).


Hanwha SolarOne is a global top class renewable energy company listed on NASDAQ (HSOL). It was newly born as Hanwha SolarOne after Hanwha Group took over Solarfun Power Holdings in 2010.

Hanwha SolarOne defines value creation as the development of a revolutionary business model that is based on a full integration of the entire value chain, ranging from polysilicon, ingots, wafers, cells, and modules to project development and project financing backed by other Hanwha affiliates.

Hanwha SolarOne recently entered exclusive partnerships with famous European soccer clubs, Hamburg SV and Bolton Wanderers to promote its brand in major markets aiming to be one of the most popular solar brands around the world.

Hanwha SolarOne solar modules are ideal for commercial, residential, and utility-scale applications.

Prior to solar module assembly, each cell is individually inspected and power-matched for consistent performance;

Once assembled, each module undergoes further testing to ensure consistently high quality;

Each module is then given a complete visual inspection to verify that its appearance meets our high standards;

Each module also undergoes additional testing via a calibrated solar simulator to ensure an accurate minimum power, voltage, and current rating;

ISO 9001, OHSAS certification, and TÜV factory inspections reinforce that our manufacturing is carried out under proven quality control and manufacturing processes.

The results are UL, TÜV, CE, IEC certified products that our customers can be confident meet international standards for product safety, durability, and overall quality.

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