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Solar Panels Trina Solar 240 Watt
Inverters SMA Sunny Boy
Mounting System Unirac SolarMount Roof Mount
Panel Frame Color Silver
Panel Dimensions 64.95" x 39.05" x 1.37"

40 KW Composite Sloping Roof Condominium Solar System Project


Commercial Solar System Projects

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40 KW Condominium Sloping-Roof Solar System
Jackson, CA

This PV array is mounted to a composite sloping roof on top of a multi-tenant condominium complex in Jackson, CA. We chose the Unirac SolarMount roof mounting system for this project.

Show a return on your investment while helping the environment. Grid-tie solar systems are becoming increasingly popular with condominium owners and owners of rental property. The ROI has become more desirable with low solar power system prices, rebates, tax incentives, affordable subsidized finanacing and added value to your property.

Components supplied by Solar Electric Supply include:

  • Trina Solar multicrystalline solar panels
  • SMA Sunny Boy inverters
  • Unirac SolarMount roof mounting system
  • Solar Electric Supply system design and support

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40kW Sloped Composition Roof Mounted Solar System:

sloping roof condominium solar system
40 solar panels fit nicely in this section of the multi-tenant condominium complex.

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