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Sunny Island Multicluster-Box 12U specifications

SMA Sunny Island
Multicluster-Box 12U

SMA Model Number Multicluster-Box 12U
Number of Phases 3-phase
Nominal Voltage 3 x 120 V / 208 V
Voltage Range 105 – 132 V / 181 – 229 V
Nominal frequency / range 60 Hz / 55 Hz-65 Hz
Weight 485 lbs.
Width 48 in.
Height 65 in.
Depth 14 in.

Multicluster Box for Sunny Island Review

Multicluster-Box 12U for SMA Sunny Island 4548-US & 6048-US


SMA Sunny Island Multicluster-Box 12U

Integrated AC distribution for Sunny Island, generator and off-grid remote microgrid solar systems.

Multicluster-Box 12U Systems SMA Sunny Island Multicluster Systems

We carry complete Sunny Island Multicluster Systems. Save some time, money and hassle while getting expert support for your next Sunny Island power project.

The Multicluster-Box 12U is the ideal choice for larger scale off-grid power distribution.

The Multicluster-Box 12U for the Sunny Island 4548-US and 6048-US inverter make setting up large off-grid systems easy. They are the ideal solution for island and hybrid systems from 30 to 300 kW, allowing from 2 to 12 three-phase clusters, each consisting of three Sunny Island inverters, to be connected in parallel. The Multicluster Box was designed as an AC distribution center for connecting generators and to supply loads up to 300 kW.

To simplify installation, all Multicluster Boxes are completely wired and fitted at the factory with a main connector for PV or wind generators. All communication cables required for the installation are included. These Multicluster-box 12U can be integrated into a public grid or island power grid. This grid can be connected by solar microgrids powered by Sunny Boy PV inverters that are distributed anywhere along the AC grid.

Sunny Island Multicluster Enclosure Battery System

The Sunny Island Multicluster-Box 12U is ideal for remote off-grid microgrid systems. Larger systems are configured with Multicluster-Box enclosures that have a source/load center like the one pictured above. Smaller systems can use Sunny Island power panels. A Sunny Island Multicluster can seamlessly integrate several Sunny Island inverters into one reliable AC/DC coupled power system.

These Sunny Island Multicluster-Box 12U enclosures are used in our
SDC Remote Microgrid Systems.

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Sunny Island Multicluster-Box 12U AC distribution with a solar panel system microgrid.

Sunny Island Multicluster solar microgrid system

Simplified off-grid Sunny Island inverter/charger solar system diagram with Sunny Boy PV inverters.

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