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Solar System Size 485 KW
Solar Panels REC Solar Peak Series
Inverter Advanced Energy
Mounting System Self-Ballasted Ground Mount
Panel Dimensions 65.55" x 39.02" x 1.50"

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  "Solar Electric Supply’s design, engineering support and material selection was essential to this projects success. The project location and other factors made this one of the most channeling projects for several reasons and SES’s team address technical and engineering issues that others could simply not fathom or foresaw.

We have utilized their resources and purchased material for on many other projects since, all have been very easy to install and their support after the sale is the best in the industry. They do not jet sell you the parts and say figure it out, they provide a complete solution and know how to reduce installation time and material costs."

- Shane Vasquez, President
Paradigm Services

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Advanced Energy

485 KW Self-Ballasted Ground Mount Solar System - Delaware


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485 KW Self-Ballasted Ground-Mount Solar System
Bethany Beach, Delaware

Solar Electric Supply and our authorized contractor designed and supplied this 485 kW solar system for a facility near the beach in Delaware. We designed this system with REC Solar Peak Series solar modules on a self-ballasted ground-mounted racking system. This was an especially challenging project due to it’s proximity to the Ocean and salt spray exposure in addition to be located at sea level.

The self-ballasted, ground-mount racking system was the largest and an industry first. This custom-engineered, commercial-grade mounting system requires virtually no penetrations.

A stainless steel enclosed Advanced Energy 500KW inverter was utilized and has proven to be extremely efficient and reliable.

This system installed by our contractor partner Paradigm Services survived Hurricane Sandy with no mechanical or electrical damage. This is a testament to the quality and durability of the material selected and installation practices.

Client's Requirement

  1. Base the structural design on accurate site specific geotechnical information and anticipated loads for the structure type and geographical location
  2. The Photovoltaic (PV) panel array shall be located a minimum of 10 feet above sea level.
  3. Dead Loads, required for actual weight of materials (PV Panels, electrical equipment and mounting system)
  4. Snow Loads: The ground snow load is Pg = 20 PSF and the Importance Factor is 1.0
  5. Exposure Factor is Ce = 0.9
  6. Drift and unbalanced snow loads must be considered
  7. Wind Load: The basic wind speed is V =120 mph and the Importance Factor is 1.0
  8. Both Main-Wind-Resisting Force System and Component and Cladding winds loads shall be computed and applied
  9. Seismic Load: The maximum considered earthquake ground motions correspond to a spectral acceleration coefficient for short periods of Ss = 0.12 and a spectral acceleration coefficient for 1 second periods of S1 = 0.04
  10. Calculated lateral drift under seismic load shall meet the allowable limit prescribed.
  11. Consideration for expansion and contraction in the design and associated connections due to the exposure to temperature extremes
  12. Geotechnical Engineer required for preparing design recommendations for the foundation of the structures and site features. Upon this geotechnical investigation from the engineer it was determined we needed to develop BIOSWALES for water run off from the solar array. The solar array was designed to allow for proper run off and drainage and avoid ice and snow accumulations.
  13. Shallow foundations shall be designed to resist all gravity, uplift and overturning forces with and allowable bearing capacity of 1400 PSF
  14. Lighting Protection for the solar array and associated equipment and structures.
  15. Photovoltaic (PV) panels shall be covered by the PV manufacturer's limited warranty for a minimum of 25 years
  16. PV panels shall meet UL 1703 (Adhesive Testing, Impact Resistance, Mechanical loading & Humidity)
  17. PV panels must also meet Wind Uplift Resistance of 110 mph.
  18. PV panels must also have a quick connect electrical connectors
solar combiner
Pads were poured for the solar array combiners.
Advanced Energy Inverter System
The Advanced Energy Inverter is pictured near a small new utility building.
Ballast Mount Racking
Self-ballasted ground mounts are a solid alternative to post hole digging.
This is desirable in hard, rocky soil.

485 KW self-ballasted ground mount solar system:

Advanced Energy
Advanced Energy Inverter

REC solar panel
REC Solar
REC Solar Panels
AC Disconnect Square D
Heavy Duty AC Disconnect

MC Cables & Ground Lugs MC Cables &
Ilsco Ground Lugs
Wiring Diagram Solar Electric Supply
Wiring Diagram & Installation Guide
solar combiners military
SES solar combiners are located behind a safety fence for the
485 kW coastal solar project, Delaware.
self ballasted ground mount solar system distant view
It is difficult to fit the entire solar array in the photo from a distance.

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