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SES MAPPS C1D2 Enclosure
Model Number AL-POL-4-G27-D4-HZ
Battery Compatibility

Supports 2-4 Group 27 batteries.

2-4x 8G27

Mounting Method Standard pole mount
Enclosure Construction
  • NEMA 3R aluminum w/ white polyester powder coat & stainless steel hinges
  • NEMA 4X sealed compartment
  • Dimensions 49.9"H, x 16.8"W x 16"D
    Enclosure Weight 45 lbs.
    Warranty 1 year limited warranty
    Certification UL 508 - This enclosure is used exclusively in our Class I Div II solar systems
    Origin USA
    Price These are sold with our MAPPS Class 1 Division 2 Solar Systems.

    MAPPS 4-Battery Class 1 Division 2 Outdoor System Enclosure

    SKU AL-POL-4-G27-D2-HZ
    remote solar battery box sun
    battery enclosures for Class 1 Div 2 hazardous locations

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    Class 1 Division 2 Solar Battery Enclosures

    MAPPS 4-Battery Class 1 Division 2 Outdoor System Enclosure

    4 battery Class 1 Divisioin 2 enclosure open view
    Class 1 Div 2 solar battery enclosure shown with 4 sealed gel batteries.

    Industrial Strength ยท Class 1 Division 2 Design

    The weatherproof outdoor enclosure of the MAPPS AL-POL-4-G27-D4-HZ Class 1 Division 2 Battery & Control Enclosure features a NEMA 4X sealed top compartment for sensitive electronics. Filters for the louvered vents are located in the NEMA 3R rated battery compartment below. This enclosure is listed for use in Class 1 Division 2 Hazardous Locations.

    This C1D2 solar battery box holds 2-4 Group 27 sealed 12 volt batteries in the NEMA 3R vented compartment. The NEMA 4X rated sealed top compartment comes pre-wired with a solar charge controller and wiring harness with load breakers installed on aluminum backplate and DIN rail. A two-conductor cable leads to the lower vented battery compartment. The NEMA 4X sealed compartment is required in Class I Div II Hazardous Locations to safeguard against danger of potential electronic equipment sparking.

    D4 Class 1 Div 2 Solar Battery Box Enclosure Details

    battery enclosure charge controller installed Pre-wired charge controller included.
    enclosure latch
    closed battery box latch
    Features two draw-latches that are lockable for up to a 3/8" max shackle.
    • NEMA 3R enclosure with NEMA 4X sealed compartment
    • White polyester powder coat
    • Stainless steel hinged doors
    • 4 padlockable draw latches w/ 3/8" max. shackle
    • Filtered louvered vents for battery compartment
    • 16"H X 14"W X .125" aluminum backplate with standoffs
    • Room in sealed compartment for control panel & electronics
    • Bracket for pole/wall mount, U-Bolt provided with pole specification
    • Conduit knockouts for easy connections of solar PV & loads
    • Stainless steel enclosure option available
    • Can accommodate: 2X 8G27, 4X 8G27 batteries.


    Class 1 Division 2 solar system
    UL STD 508A

    Conforms to: ISA STD 12.12.01 & UL STD 508A. The UL STD 508 certification is required for Class 1 Division 2 Hazardous Locations. This enclosure is used in our Class 1 Division 2 solar systems.

    Class 1 Div 2 Solar Battery Power Applications

    No matter what extreme environment on Earth: arctic, desert, coastal or tropical, this corrosion-resistant enclosure is ideal for your next remote Class I Division II Hazardous Location project.

    C1D2 pipe for solar battery system

    Solar battery powered C1D2 examples can include:
    flow measurement & monitoring, level measurement, pipeline security, wireless communication, well site automation, environmental monitoring, chemical injection pumps, SCADA and UPS battery backup systems.

    Contact us with your solar powered application today. OEM pricing available.

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    MAPPS AL-POL-4-G27-D4-HZ Class 1 Division 2 Battery Box Enclosure Review

    Class 1 Division 2 battery enclosure review

    Solar Electric Supply specializes in supplying dealer, contractor, government and industrial accounts worldwide with reliable, cost-effective Class I Div II solar electric power solutions.

    MAPPS Battery Enclosures  ·  Contractor Discounts Available


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