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Conext XW
Conext ComBox
Schneider Electric
Product Number
Weight .55 lbs.
Width 6.7 in.
Height 4.5 in.
Depth 2.1 in.

Schneider Electric Conext ComBox

SKU 865-1058
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Schneider Electric Conext ComBox

Solar monitoring solution from Schneider Electric

The Conext™ ComBox is a powerful communications and monitoring device for installers and operators of Conext solar systems. It features an integrated web server, enabling graphical displays of system daily, monthly and lifetime energy data to be viewed using a simple web browser or Android™ tablet device.

Installers can change or configure the settings of Conext devices through the user-interface on the ComBox and respond to system email alerts promptly. A user-configurable data logger and integrated FTP server provides a system owner with powerful analytics tool for data download and analysis.

Modbus™ interface on the ComBox links Conext devices with third party systems through RS485 or Ethernet ports. Conext ComBox is compatible with Xanbus™ protocol devices. For large multi-cluster systems, the ComBox can be setup in a master-slave configuration to monitor multiple separate Xanbus networks and supported Modbus devices, such as power meters.

Detailed Features

  • Monitor solar system harvest and yield
  • Measure and compare energy performance over varying timelines
  • Receive email alerts and reduce system downtime
  • Customizable home screen tailored to your specific system setup
  • Multiple visualization options - bar charts or line graphs
  • Retrieve data logs or system information through USB, Micro-SD card, RS485, Ethernet
Xanbus network for Conext system control manager scm Xanbus Network Diagram

Why choose a Conext ComBox?

Easy to Install

  • Configure devices using web browser, Android tablet or Modbus
  • Surface or DIN-Rail mounting options Multiple power supply options, AC adapter, Xanbus, RS485
Easy to service
  • View or download an events log for faster troubleshooting
  • Upgrade ComBox and Conext device firmware through a web browser or Android tablet
  • Settings are maintained during power or network interruptions so you can remove and replace without the loss of device settings


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