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Schneider Electric Conext XW Solar Inverter/Chargers

Xantrex Xanbus enabled
Schneider Electric Conext XW Inverter Charger

Schneider Electric Conext™ XW Inverter/Charger Systems

Schneider Electric Conext™ XW Inverter/Chargers replace the time-tested and proven Xantrex XW series. These robust pure sinewave inverters also feature a built-in battery charger. The Conext XW series brings a comprehensive battery-based power solution to the solar energy market. The XW Inverter/Charger, the heart of a Conext XW System features a true sine wave, 120/240-volt AC split-phase inverter, powerful AC to DC battery charger with two AC inputs, and an AC auto-transfer switch. Conext XW system modules of up to 36 kW each build the foundation for large battery-based residential and commercial solar applications. Capable of being grid-interactive or off-grid, the Conext XW can operate with generators and renewable energy sources to provide full-time or backup power. Complete Conext XW inverter battery backup systems are available. Call toll-free (877) 297-0014 for expert assistance and the latest low wholesale price.

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Conext XW 4024 inverter/charger

Conext XW 4024
4,000 watt output inverter
150 Amp battery charger
24 Volt DC battery charging
120/240V AC 60Hz

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Conext XW 4548 inverter/charger

Conext XW 4548
4,500 watt output inverter
85 Amp battery charger
48 Volt DC battery charging
120/240V AC 60Hz

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Conext XW 6048 inverter/charger

Conext XW 6048
6,000 watt output inverter
100 Amp battery charger
48 Volt DC battery charging
120/240V AC 60Hz

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Conext XW 6848 inverter/charger

Conext XW 6848
6,800 watt output inverter
140 Amp battery charger
48 Volt DC battery charging
120/240V AC 60Hz

Conext XW & Conext XW+ Inverter/Charger Accessories

Schneider Electric Conext™ XW Solar Inverter / Charger Review:

Adaptable and robust design makes the Conext XW the ideal choice for many solar panel system applications:

residential grid-tie backup
Residential Grid-Tie Backup
off-grid solar
Off-Grid Solar
commercial backup power
Commercial Backup Power
community electrification
Community Electrification
microgrid solar
Microgrid Solar

A comprehensive battery-based solar power solution:

The Conext XW series hybrid inverter / charger by Schneider Electric offers an innovative, integrated design which minimizes external balance-of-system components. This allows for a much quicker and easier installation. The Conext XW 4024 120 240 60, XW 4548 120 240 60 and XW 6048 120 240 60 inverters are certified to UL-1741 and CSA 107.1 for grid-tie applications. The XW series can be used as a grid-tie inverter or an off-grid inverter. One or more MPPT charge controllers are required for solar battery charging or grid-tie operation.

Designed with consultation and input from industry experts, dealers, and installers, the Conext XW sets the standard for battery-based inverter/charger solar systems. Schneider Electric Solar develops some of the best new technological features available in the market. Innovative features originally developed by Xantrex are time-tested and known to be reliable.

The Conext XW Hybrid Inverter/Charger’s design makes installation quicker and easier than other less integrated solutions. It offers high efficiency and unprecedented surge capacity to maximize the owner’s return on investment. No other inverter / charger looks or performs like the Conext XW series.

XW Series Inverter / Charger Features:

  • True sine wave output
  • 120/240 volt AC split-phase operation
  • Integrated design to minimize external balance-of-system components
  • Xanbus enabled network communication
  • Certified to UL1741 and CSA for utility-interactive applications
  • Incredible surge capacity
  • Efficient, power factor corrected, high-current, multistage battery charging

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