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System Size 30 KW
Solar Modules Sharp Polycrystalline
Inverter Types 30 KW SMA Sunny Island Multicluster
20 KW SMA String Inverters
Module Mount Prosolar Rooftrac
Battery Backup Deka Unigy II Spacesaver

30 KW Microgrid Hybrid Solar Diesel Genset System w/ Multicluster for the US Army, Marshall Islands

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30 KW Microgrid Hybrid Solar Diesel Genset System w/ Multicluster - US Army, Marshall Islands

This Microgrid PV Diesel system operates a critical communication system used for Missile testing by the US Army. Operating essentially as a forward base station, this system dramatically reduces the usage and fuel consumption of the rotating 30 kW diesel gensets the client had been using. As the project was for US Department of Defense, American Made Sharp solar modules, Prosolar racks and SMA inverters were designed and furnished by SES to Science Applications International Corp, who has the O&M contract in this East Pacific DOD region.

SAIC contracted with SES separately for one of our senior PV Specialists who spent two weeks on site at Carlos Island supervising and successfully commissioning the installation. The site has remote communication access via the SMA Web box, so our NABCEP PV technicians can remotely troubleshoot the system for the client when needed.

Components supplied by Solar Electric Supply include:

  • Sharp solar panels
  • SMA Sunny Island inverters
  • SMA Multicluster Box 6
  • SMA Sunny Boy string inverters
  • Deka Unigy II Spacesaver Battery System
  • Professional Solar Products Roof Trac PV mounting system
  • Solar Electric Supply system design and support

30 KW Microgrid Hybrid Genset Solar System:

Sharp Solar Panels

SMA Sunny Island Multicluster

SMA Sunny Boy Inverters

Deka Spacesaver Battery System
Rooftrac Prosolar
Prosolar Rooftrac PV Mounting System
Wiring Diagram Solar Electric Supply
Wiring Diagram & Installation Guide
The Deka Unigy II Spacesaver battery system is for larger, battery-based solar systems that demand high performance and a long cycle life. This system is ideal for a variety of applications such as telecommunications, switch gear control, cellular radio, photovoltaics, railroad signs/communications and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

Solar Microgrid on island
The Prosolar Rooftrac PV module roof mounts will
last the life of the PV modules, even near the coast.

Sunny Island Multicluster
30 KW of Sunny Island inverters feed the SMA Multicluster Box 6 enclosure.
The Box 6 enclosure is pictured open to show detail.
Deka Spacesaver battery enclosure system is shown in the foreground.

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