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SolarEdge StorEdge Inverter System

Tesla Powerwall Battery compatible grid-tie battery backup solar systems

SolarEdge StorEdge Inverter

SolarEdge StorEdge is a grid-tie inverter system with DC battery backup capability. It will automatically charge and utilize the Tesla Powerwall battery.

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Powerwall Compatible

The SolarEdge StorEdge™ grid-tied battery backup solar system inverter solution is based on the SolarEdge StorEdge Inverter, SolarEdge Electricity Meter and Auto-transformer. The StorEdge Inverter controls third-party batteries such as the Tesla Powerwall battery.

SolarEdge Features

StorEdge Inverter

The StorEdge inverter is a single inverter for solar PV powered grid-tie applications that also manages DC battery backup storage power. It includes the hardware required to provide automatic backup power to backed-up loads in case of grid interruption. The SolarEdge also includes all of the interfaces needed for DC battery connection.

Tesla Home Battery Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall is designed for solar power backup and grid-tied solar systems. It is a high-voltage, high efficiency DC coupled battery that requires no maintenance. Powerwall's lithium ion battery inherits Tesla's proven automotive battery technology to power your home safely and economically. The StorEdge system makes Powerwall power storage and backup power switching completely automated. Up to 2 Powerwalls of 7 kWh or 10 kWh each may be used with each StorEdge System.

SolarEdge StorEdge System

SolarEdge Electricity Meter

The SolarEdge meter is used for battery integration and for production / consumption readings for Feed-in Limitation.


This separate switching transformer connects to StorEdge™ Inverter to quickly and automatically enable battery backup power.

Power Optimizers

Complete SolarEdge Systems 
Complete SolarEdge StorEdge Tesla Powerwall Battery backup grid-tied solar systems at wholesale pricing.

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The SolarEdge power optimizer is connected by installers to each module, replacing the traditional solar junction box. The optimizers are designed be as reliable as the solar panels that they are mounted to. Power Optimizers are based on the SolarEdge reliability strategy, a physics-based multi-level method of failure point identification. Providing a warranty for a proven 25 year system operational lifetime was enabled through a combination of reliability-oriented design rules.

The SolarEdge system outperformed systems in annual energy production demonstrating higher results than a leading microinverter solution as well. We have a microinverter vs. optimizer review webpage devoted to explaining the differences between the two.

Available StorEdge Models:



Complete SolarEdge StorEdge Tesla Powerwall Battery Solar System

StorEdge Tesla Powerwall solar system review

The SolarEdge StorEdge Inverter with the Tesla Powerwall is part of a complete grid-tie battery backup solar system.

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