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SolarEdge Electricity Meter for North America

SolarEdge Model Number SE-MTR240-2-400-S1
Meter Electrical Service
Meter Operating Voltage Range 211-264 Vac
AC Frequency 60 Hz
Grids Supported L1 / L2 / N / PE
Current Transformers
# of supplied transformers 2
Rated RMS Current 400A

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SolarEdge Electricity Meter

SKU SE-MTR240-2-400-S1

SolarEdge Electricity Meter

For production / consumption readings on
StorEdge Energy Storage Battery Solar Systems

The RS485 Electricity Meter enables the use of the following features:

current transformers for meter
The SolarEdge Electricity Meter comes complete with 2 current tranformers.
  • Export Control
  • Consumption Monitoring
  • StorEdge Applications

Mounts inside included NEMA 3R Enclosure
Comes with 2 current transformers
Only needed for on-grid applications.

Self Consumption:

  • Export: The power injected to the grid
    Import: The power purchased from the grid
    Self-consumption: The PV power consumed by the site and not fed into the grid
    Export/ Import meter: This meter installed at the grid connection point and reads the energy exported/imported to/from the grid

Electircity Meter Self Generation Consumption

  • Import Export Meter determines energy flowing in/out of the house
    Inverter converts enough energy to minimize or eliminate export
    Excess energy not consumed is stored in the Battery
    Status of import/export and setup on Cloud Based Monitoring Platform

Electircity Meter Self Generation Consumption


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