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Solar Panel Pole Mounts – Side & Top of Pole Mounting

Side-of-Pole Mounts
side of pole mount

Mounting structures for one or more PV modules on the side of a single pole.

Top-of-Pole Mountstop of pole solar panel mount
Mounting structures for multiple PV modules on top of a single pole.

Multi-Pole Ground Mounts
multi-pole ground mount

Mounting structures for multiple PV modules on a single row of vertical pipes.


side of tower pole mount

There are a wide variety of installation methods for MAPPS® solar power systems. Systems from 10 Watts to 480 Watts using pole-mount solar panels can easily be mounted on vertical poles ranging from 2" to telephone poles. Many versions are shown below from single module mounting structures (links to below) to multiple module mounting structures on larger poles. Large solar generator systems can be skid mounted, ground mounted, mounted on the side of a steel tower, mounted on the top of poles, mounted on cross arms with dual vertical poles, or mounted on trailers. Examples of these installations are shown below. We can design virtually any size system for a fixed or portable application anywhere in the world. Contact us with your challenging application or select from one of our standard pole-mount solar systems.

Single Module Side of Pole Solar Mounting Design

For smaller systems ranging from 10 Watts to 130 watts. Typically used for small RTU/SCADA systems, wireless data, RFID Sensors, wi-fi repeaters, traffic monitoring, tower obstruction LED lighting, MET tower LED sidelights, infra-red security, various wireless OEM applications, and rural habitation for developing country projects.

Formed aluminum parts are made of 5052-H32 aluminum. All extrusions used are 6061-T6 structural alloy. Corners are coped, edges are sanded and holes are deburred. Stainless steel module mounting hardware and rack assembly hardware are provided with each rack.

pole mount solar system

Standard Specifications

  • Supplied with stainless steel band clamps for mounting to a 2”-3.5” OD pole (other sizes available)
  • Can be attached to poles with u-bolts
  • Can also be lag-bolted or through-bolted to any vertical surface
  • Elevation angle adjustment: 30 to 60 degrees in 5-degree increments
  • All components are mill finish 6061-T6 structural aluminum*
  • Rack hardware is stainless steel
  • Module mounting hardware is stainless steel
  • Windload Capability

    Standard models are designed and warranteed to withstand windloads of 30 lbs. per sq. ft. (approximately 90 mph). Designs capable of withstanding greater loads are available for high-wind areas.


    Side-of-Pole Mounts are attached to the pole with stainless steel band clamps (provided). Two or four band clamps are used depending on the design. Series AL-22 and PS-28 come with band clamps for 3” to 5” OD poles. All other racks are supplied with clamps for 2” to 4” OD poles. Many other sizes are available; please specify pole sizes when ordering. These racks can also be u-bolted or lag-bolted to poles (square or round) and to the sides of buildings or other vertical surfaces. Brackets are also available for mounting to ROHN towers and wood telephone poles.

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    Top of Pole Solar Mounting System

    The Top-of-Pole Mounts we carry are available in several sizes ranging from 1- module through 24-modules -- up to 260 square feet. The rack design is determined by the area of the module(s) to be mounted, not necessarily the number of modules.

    Top-of-Pole mounts are designed for maximum strength and ease of installation. Our racks are module-specific and not universal, which helps to reduce the number of parts. This simplifies assembly and minimizes assembly errors. No aluminum components are threaded to be attached to other components. All of our mounting sleeves are heavy gauge steel and have fully welded caps. Hardened bolts are used to lock the mounting sleeve to the pole.

    Module-Specific Design

    Using a module-specific design allows us to build racks with the fewest number of parts. All racks are made to fit the specific module that is to be mounted. This ensures that the system is assembled in just the manner it is intended. No measuring or guesswork is required. All the holes are located exactly where needed. Gaps between modules are minimal and uniform. There will never be excess rack material extending beyond the modules.

    class 1 div 2 top of pole solar panel system


    Strongbacks, Elevation Pivots, and Mounting Sleeves are made of heavy gauge steel flat bar, square tubing and pipe or mechanical tubing conforming to ASTM A36 and ASTM A500-Grade B.

    All parts are mig-welded, burrs are removed, corners are coped, and edges are sanded. All steel parts are coated with two coats of industrial urethane enamel paint. Solar module mounting rails are made of mill-finish 6061-T6 structural aluminum angle or channel. All holes are deburred, and edges are coped and sanded. Stainless steel module mounting hardware is provided with each rack. Standard rack assembly hardware is zinc-plated Grade 5. A stainless steel hardware upgrade is optional.

    Elevation Adjustment

    All standard Top-of-Pole Mounts have six tilt-angle settings from 15° to 65° in 10° increments. The elevation adjustment is positive locking in each position eliminating the possibility of slippage. The racks are balanced about the pivot bolt to make elevation adjustments easy. Other tilt combinations and racks welded at fixed angles are offered as options.

    Windloading Capability 

    Standard mounts are designed and warranted to withstand 30 lbs / sq. ft. (approximately 90 mph or 145 km/hr ) . Designs capable of withstanding greater loads are available.

    Pole Mounting

    All racks have sleeves sized to slip over readily available standard sizes of installer-supplied SCH40 (Schedule 40) steel pipe. The largest mounts (225 sq. ft. and above) mount on SCH 80 steel pipe. The mounting sleeves have set-bolts spaced 90° apart to firmly secure the rack to the pole.

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    Large Ground or Tower Mount

    Large Ground Solar Array

    Ground Mounted Solar Arrays for Remote Locations

    Ground based systems are used in larger power applications ranging from 640 watts to 10+ kilowatts. Common applications include air monitoring sampling equipment, tower obstruction lighting, cellular microwave repeaters, mountaintop communications and high wind areas such as tropical islands and deserts. Often the solar array is used to shade the battery enclosure, reducing heat gain.

    Side of Utility/Telecom Tower Solar Support Design

    These systems range from 160 watts to several kilowatts. These are intended to power LED obstruction lights, aircraft warning and MET tower obstruction LED lights. These are also used on radio telecommunication towers.

    Dual Vertical Pole with Crossarm Solar Mounting Design for Remote Sites

    This design method is used to elevate the solar array when there is snow drift accumulation. Smaller systems use 4"-6" Schedule 40 steel pipe. Larger systems typically use utility telephone poles.

    Typical applications are microwave repeaters, cellular repeaters, tower obstruction lighting and microwave relay stations.

    Multi-pole Solar Panel Mounts   ·   Large Solar Generator Systems

    Whether roof mount, ground mount, top of pole mount, side of pole mount, tower mount or custom solar panel mounting, we can accommodate your requirements. Call (877) 297-0014 for discount pricing, more information or to order.


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