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DPW Power-Fab Top-Of-Pole TPM Solar Panel Mounts

DPW Solar

Top-Of-Pole Solar Panel Mounts

Power-Fab® Top-Of-Pole TPM Mount

The Industry's Strongest Single Pole TPM PV Mounting System

Solar Electric Supply distributes the DPW Solar Single Pole PV Mounting System. The Power-Fab Top-of-Pole Solar Panel Mount is designed to install quickly and provide a secure strength welded steel components and corrosion resistant hardware for long term reliability. Seasonal adjustability for maximizing production is provided by six different tilt-angles.

Top-Of-Pole Mounts

Maximum Strength - Durable Design

Ideal for Remote Outdoor Systems

  • Standard mounts designed to withstand 90 MPH wind zones
  • MIG welded steel strong backs and mounting sleeves
  • Two coats of industrial urethane enamel paint
  • 6000 series structural Aluminum mounting rails
  • Stainless Steel module mounting hardware
  • Zinc plated rack assembly hardware

Application Flexibility

  • Several sizes available from 1 through 24 modules
  • Installs over standard Schedule 40 or 80 rigid steel pipe (Installer Supplied)
  • 15° to 65° tilt angle settings (10° increments)
  • Mount up to 4.1kW on a single pole

Ease of Assembly – Reduced Labor Costs

  • Module Specific design reduces number of parts
  • No measuring required
  • Array tilts flat for easy module placement
  • Easy access bottom flange bolting
  • Factory set module hole placement locations create uniform spacing positive locking tilt angles.
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