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S-5! Metal Roof Solar PV Mounting Systems

Attach solar panels to standing seam, corrugated, trapezoidal sheet and other exposed-metal roofs.

S-5! Clamp & Bracket Attachments

S-5 Clamps and Mini Clamps
S5! Clamps and Mini Clamps for most standing seam metal roofs.
Versatile mounting bracket for
trapezoidal metal roofs
Reliable mounting bracket for
corrugated metal roofs.
Simple yet reliable mounting bracket for exposed-fastened metal roofs.

S-5! S-5-PV Kit Solar PV Mounting System Components

S-5-PV Base Assembly
Universal PV Grab
Mini Clamp for S-5-PV Kit
w/ Universal PV Stud and Mounting Disk
To attach adjacent solar panels
For solar panels at the end of a row
Standing seam clamp for S-5-PV Kit
S-5-PV Kit Mount
S-5! S-5-PV Kit Mount

S-5! clamps attach solar panel system arrays to the roof's panel seam by the tightening of a "bullet-nosed" stainless steel setscrew against the seam material. (This is usually done with an industrial grade screwgun.) The setscrews compress the seam material against the opposite wall of the clamp. They will "dimple" the seam material, but will not penetrate it. Threaded holes in the clamp (and stainless hardware provided) enable the easy attachment of an S-5-PV solar panel mounting system without violating the integrity of the roof or the roof’s warranty. With very few exceptions, the attachment of a single Mini S-5 clamp to the roof seam will be stronger than that point of the seam on the building structure. The S-5! mini clamps used on the Standing Seam System have incredible holding strength, providing exceptional value and performance for the latest solar panel mounting technologies. Having one setscrew rather than two, the mini clamps are the right choice for attaching the S-5-PV Kit to standing seam metal roof solar panel systems.

S-5! brackets have been designed for where a clamp simply won't do. For different metal types like corrugated, trapezoidal and other exposed-fastened metal roofs, we have the right solar panel roof mounting bracket for your PV project requirements.

The S-5-PV Kit is an UL Listed integrally grounded solar mounting system that doesn't require mounting rails. Use S5! Mini Clamps or brackets above for the S-5-PV Kit. Please save yourself some time and contact us for expert assistance.

S-5! Solar PV Mounting Literature

S-5! Clamp and Bracket info S-5! Clamp & Bracket Product Sheet

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CorruBracket info S-5! CorruBracket Information

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VersaBracket info S-5! VersaBracket-47 & VersaBracket-67

S-5! Mini Clamps
S-5! Mini Clamp
The S-5 Mini Clamp is used with the S-5-PV Kit. Find out what is the perfect S-5! clamp for your metal roof mounted solar system project, contact us.


Contact us toll-free at (877) 297-0014 for expert assistance and low S-5! clamp, mount and bracket wholesale prices.