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SolarWorld solar panels

SolarWorld Solar Panels

SolarWorld Sunmodule Solar Panels for Commercial and Residential Solar Systems
SolarWorld solar panel system

We supply the latest US Authorized SolarWorld solar panels for your home or business at a low wholesale price. High-performance SolarWorld solar modules are designed for use in a wide variety of solar applications. The rigid aluminum frame and tempered glass face make these solar panels a great choice for long-term PV solar systems. We now carry the SolarWorld Sunmodule Protect, Plus and XL Pro-Series. SolarWorld Sunmodule solar panels are tested to meet 3 times IEC requirements for the utmost in reliability.



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SolarWorld Solar Panel Systems

These are complete DIY grid-tie PV systems with SolarWorld solar panels, your choice of inverter, roof or ground mount and our expert support. All systems are designed in the USA and eligible for federal and state rebate incentives.

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SolarWorld Sunmodule Solar Panel Features and Review




The high performance monocrystalline 5-inch cells used in the Solar World Sunmodule solar panel are sealed in transparent EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate) between impact-resistant tempered glass and a durable TPT (tedlar-polyester-tedlar) backsheet. The innovative solar panel design incorporates new audible locking and is IP65 protection rated.

The SunModules include quick connectors for fast, reliable installation wiring. The double-insulated MC cables are approved for use in ungrounded source circuit systems. These 3 foot cables are included with every SolarWorld solar panel.

All SolarWorld Sunmodule solar panels are certified to the stringent safety and design requirements of UL1703 and IEC 61215. SolarWorld will "test, test, and test again". They carry out many more tests than required by international standards. In fact, every component they use must meet at least 3 times IEC requirements. These tests help improve quality by providing valuable information on the behavior of all of their solar panels. By using this data, PV module life can be extended, improve their properties and reduce error rates. IEC tests are regularly performed on random solar modules taken from production sites to ensure the high reliability, even after they are introduced. SolarWorld solar panels have an industry leading power tolerance of 0/+5%.

SolarWorld Sunmodule Warranty

You can buy with confidence because most of these PV modules are backed by a 25-year linear power warranty.

The Sunmodule Protect solar panels have a 30 year warranty.

Many of SolarWorld's modules including the Plus Mono and Protect series are made in the USA in a high-tech facility in Hillsboro, Oregon.
Read more about the SolarWorld USA Solar Panel Production Facility on the SolarWorld website.


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