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Solar System Size 174.72 KW
Solar Panels 540 72-cell REC Solar REC320PE
Inverter 540 HiQ Solar TrueString
Mounting System IronRidge XR1000 Ground Mount
Panel Dimensions 77.5" x 39.0" x 1.75"

175 KW REC Solar / IronRidge Ground-Mount Solar System


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175 KW REC Solar / IronRidge Ground-Mount Solar System

The system was installed by Dixie Power in the beginning of 2017. Dixie Power installed most of the system in house. Solar Electric Supply, Inc. provided all the design, schematics, submittal paperwork, racking engineering and technical support during and after the installation along with all of the materials.


  • 540 REC Solar REC320PE 72-cell solar modules
  • 540 480V 3-Phase HiQ Solar TrueString HIQ-TS480-8K inverters
  • IronRidge ground mount racking system
  • HiQ Solar AC truck cables, AC combiners
  • GWA Gateway, PV MC Cables, AC disconnects
  • Solar Electric Supply system design and support

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175 KW REC / TrueString / IronRidge ground mounted solar system:

IronRidge Ground Mounting System
Rear view of the IronRidge ground mounting system.

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