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REC Residential N-Peak 3 Solar System
REC Panel Model #


Panel STC Rating 400 W
System Power 9.6 KW
Panel PTC Rating 373.5
Watts per Sq./Ft. 18.83
Panel Efficiency 20.3%
Panel Frame Color Black
Panel Dimensions 74.8 in 40.9 in 1.2 in
System Area 510ft2
SolarEdge System Price $12,107.00
Enphase System Price $13,555.00
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Solar Electric Supply, Inc. is an
REC Authorized Distributor.

9.60 KW REC N-Peak 3 REC400NP3 Residential Solar System


9.6 KW REC400NP3 400W Residential Roof Mounted Solar Systems

Elevate your home's energy capabilities with our latest residential grid-tied rooftop system. Our 9.6 KW REC N-Peak 3 REC400NP3 Solar Systems are tailored for residential setups, ensuring you harness the sun's power in the most efficient manner possible. With our system, you're not just generating power – you're investing in a sustainable future. We also offer optional single line drawings, permit plan sets, and stamped PE engineering to make your installation process seamless.

9.6 KW REC Rooftop Systems Include

Roof Mounted Systems Also Include

  • IronRidge Roof Mounting System, tile/flat roof extra.
  • Solar Interconnect Cables and Wire Management
  • Roof Mounting Gear
  • State Stamped structural testing reports
  • Component installation manuals
  • Friendly knowledgeable technical assistance before during and after your installation

Optional Features

What's Not Included?

  • Standard conduit, ground, tie-in wiring & landing breakers, and AC Disconnects
  • Additional load center hardware, breaker boxes, etc
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With over 25 years of experience and thousands of installations, Solar Electric Supply (SES) is a trusted name in residential roof-mounted solar systems. We're dedicated to providing best-in-class solar solutions tailored to our customers' unique needs. Check out our latest offering: the 9.6 KW REC400NP3 400W Residential Roof Mounted Solar System.

We offer high-quality solar panels and related products for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Let our experienced professionals guide you through the process of transitioning to solar energy.

Explore Our Residential Solar Storage Options

Harness the full potential of your solar setup with our residential solar storage solutions. Whether you need backup power, Net Energy Metering (NEM 3), or both, we've got you covered.

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IQ Energy System

Add Enphase 5P 10kWhr Battery for $9,965

Battery Icon

5P X 2 Battery - Ideal for backup power & NEM 3. Includes System Controller and Combiner with modem. *Requires factory certification for purchase.

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IQ Energy System

Add Enphase 3T 10kWhr Battery for $8,999

Battery Icon

3T X 3 Battery - Ideal for NEM 3. Includes System Controller and Combiner with modem. *Requires factory certification for purchase.

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Home Battery & Backup

Add Solaredge 10 kWhr Home Battery for $9,295

Solar Edge Battery Icon

Ideal for NEM 3 and Backup power. Includes 200A Backup Interface. *Requires factory certification for purchase.

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