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Solar System Size 10.26 KW
Solar Panels Qty 36, 285 watt each
REC Solar panels

Qty 1, 7.6KW
SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter

QTY 36
SolarEdge Optimizers

Mounting System ProSolar Ground Mount

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  "I thought I would share a few photos of the arrays we completed this weekend, powered up and working and thank you for all of your support. Dave was a huge help in knowledge and man power made it seem simple.

Thanks, I will recommend you guys to interested people.

New Product Development Manager"

10.26 KW Ground Mounted REC / SolarEdge System - Placerville, CA


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10.26 KW Ground Mounted REC Solar / SolarEdge System Placerville, CA

SES provided a 7.7 kW system to a General Contractor in August 2017, in Tracy, CA. The contractor installed the system on his own home and was so satisfied with our services he referred us to his friend in Placervile, CA. Together, they successfully permitted and installed this 10.26 kW ground mounted solar system in November, 2017. The REC solar panels were fitted with SolarEdge Optimizers and mounted on a GroundTrac mounting system by Professional Solar Products.

Components supplied by Solar Electric Supply include:

  • REC Solar REC285TP2 BLK, Twin Peak Series 2, 285W Polycrystalline Module, 0/+5W PT, High Performance, Black frame white backing
  • SolarEdge HD Wave SE76000H-US 1-Ph, Grid Tied Inverter, 7600W, 208/240Vac, 60 Hz, 2 Unfused Input, 12 Yr Warr, Ground-Fault/Arc-Fault Protection, Ungrounded, RS485 and Ethernet, AC Rapid Shut Down included, SE7600H-US000NNU2
  • Solaredge P320- 5NC4ARS 320W Optimizers, Add-On Box for one 60 cell module, 8-48V, 11A, MC4-compatible In, MC4-compatible Out, 36" PV wire, UL 1000VDC, P320- 5NC4ARS
  • Array Wiring and Hardware: Solar string output cables, and tin-plated copper module and rail ground lug
  • ProSolar GroundTrac Ground Mounted System - ProSolar clamps, t-fittings, and u-bolts, mounting rails
  • Solar System Disconnects
  • Solar Electric Supply system design and support

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Schedule 40 pipe and concrete piers
new prosolar ground mount rack
ground mount side view

10.26 ground-mounted REC solar panel system

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