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System Size 16.08 KW
Solar Panels 48 REC Solar REC335TP2S 72
Panel Frame Color Silver
Module Mount SnapNrack 200 Series Ground Mount
Inverter 2 SolarEdge Inverters w/ Optimizers

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  "Worked with Bill at Solar Electric. Easy to get a quote and information on equipment and install. Worked with me to design the size system my power company would allow. Helped me fill out my application with power company and plans were approved in 1 day.

I was a 1st time installer and I had no problems at all with instructions on building and installing my own system. I have recommended them to several others who have looked at my system. Saved me $33,000 over costs that local installers had quoted me. System works great."

Kent F.

16 KW REC / SolarEdge Ground Mounted Solar System


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16 KW REC / SolarEdge Ground Mounted Solar System

This ground mounted solar system features 48 REC TwinPeak 2S 72-cell solar panels outfitted with SolarEdge Optimizers. The solar array was mounted using the SnapNrack Series 200 ground mounting system.

Components supplied by Solar Electric Supply include:

  • 48 REC Solar REC335TP2S 72 solar panels
  • SnapNrack Series 200 ground mounting system
  • 2 SolarEdge SE7600A-US 1-Ph grid-tied inverters
  • 48 Solaredge Optimizers
  • Output cables and ground lugs
  • Solar Electric Supply system electrical schematics, documentation and support

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close up of SnapNrack and schedule 40 pipe

16kW ground-mounted SolarEdge / REC solar panel system

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