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System Size 10.44 KW
Solar Panels 36 REC Solar REC290TP2 BLK
Panel Frame Color Black
Module Mount ProSolar GroundTrac
Inverter 36 Enphase IQ+ Microinverters

Solar Electric Supply Reviews:

  "I just wanted to drop a note and express my appreciation to Solar Electric Supply in general and specifically to Garry Tuttle. From the time I made my initial inquiries to a number of potential suppliers for my system, Garry has gone above and beyond any support I have ever seen for any purchase I ever made. To be clear, this includes more than 35 years working for a large aerospace fortune 500 company in which I frequently specified and purchased much equipment for an R&D facility - frequently at dollar values exceeding the cost of my solar components.

From the initial permitting process, through the final electrical inspections, Garry's support and recommendations were instrumental to me getting through all phases of the project without a hiccup. I can't say enough about him in terms of his customer support. In the event I have the opportunity to recommend a solar PV system to anyone, I will highly recommend SES, and specifically Garry.

Thanks again for everything,
Tim N"

10.44 KW REC / Enphase Microinverter Ground Mounted Solar System


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10.44 KW REC / Enphase Microinverter Ground Mounted Solar System

This ground mounted solar system features 36 REC TwinPeak 2 solar panels outfitted with Enphase IQ+ Microinverters. This was a DIY project using the ProSolar GroundTrac ground mounting system in Pennsylvania.

Components supplied by Solar Electric Supply include:

  • 36 REC Solar REC290TP2 BLK solar panels
  • Prosolar GroundTrac PV ground mounting system
  • 36 Enphase IQ+ Microinverters
  • IQ Combiner w/ IQ Envoy
  • Terminator caps & Q-Cable disconnect tool
  • Solar Electric Supply system electrical schematics, documentation and support

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Enphase IQ Combiner with IQ Envoy
Example of Enphase IQ Combiner w/ IQ Envoy.

10.44kW ground-mounted Enphase / REC solar panel system

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