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Conext XW
Conext Battery Fuse Combiner Box 250 for XW Series
Schneider Electric
Product Number
Weight .5 lbs.
Width 5.7 in.
Height 3.8 in.
Depth 1.5 in.

Schneider Electric Conext Battery Fuse Combiner Box 250

SKU 865-1031-01
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Schneider Electric Conext™ Battery Fuse Combiner Box 250

The Conext™ Battery Fuse Combiner Box 250 combines up to three Conext XW or XW+ inverter/chargers with one battery bank using a single battery pole disconnect method and provides fuse protection for cables, batteries and inverter/chargers.

Two Battery Fuse Combiner Box 250s can be configured side-by-side to accommodate dual battery pole disconnection requirements. A smaller, more compact Battery Fuse Combiner Box 160 (part# 865-1030-01) is available for battery side application with Conext MPPT Solar Charge Controllers.

Included Parts

  • Fuse box
  • Mounting hardware
  • Top terminal shield
  • Fuses (3)
  • Combiner bar