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System Size 43 KW
Solar Panels Sharp solar panels
Module Mount Prosolar flat roof mount w/ tilt-up kit
Panel Frame Color Silver
Inverters Fronius IG Plus 11.4
Panel Dimensions 64.6" x 39.1" x 1.8"

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"Working with Solar Electric Supply makes my life easy. They take care of the solar design and parts lists, they get it right, and the equipment shows up on the job site right on schedule! And if I ever need any small parts to finish the job, it's there the next day."

- Matt McCarty          
  Owner, McCarty Construction          

McCarty Construction services the Stockton-Lodi, California area. Visit their website to get a quote for your local residential or commercial solar project.

43 KW Flat-Roof Mounted Sharp Solar System On Commercial Storage Facility, Stockton, CA


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43 KW Flat-Roof Mounted Solar System
Commercial Storage Facility, Stockton, CA

This system was installed by one our top commercial solar contractors, McCarty Construction. The storage facility owner insisted on US Made solar modules and racking, and preferred hiring a local contractor with excellent references. The project was completed ahead of schedule and the client was thrilled with the quality of the installation and his new, lower PG&E electric bills.

Components supplied by Solar Electric Supply include:

  • Sharp solar panels
  • Fronius IG Plus Inverters
  • Flat-roof mounting system
  • Prosolar Tilt-up Kits
  • Solar Electric Supply system design and support

Contact us for expert advice and the latest low wholesale commercial flat-roof mounted solar system pricing. Government and military inquiries welcome.


43kW Flat Roof Mounted Solar System:

Stockton Flat Roof  Solar System
Sharp Solar solar panels are shown with the installed tilt-up kits.

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