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Conext XW
Conext XW Automatic Generator Start (AGS)
Schneider Electric
Product Number
Weight .5 lbs.
Width 5.7 in.
Height 3.8 in.
Depth 1.5 in.

Schneider Electric Conext XW+ Automatic Generator Start (AGS)

SKU 865-1060-01
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Schneider Electric Conext XW+ Automatic Generator Start (AGS)

The Conext XW Auto Generator Start (AGS) will automatically activate a generator to provide an XW Series Hybrid Inverter/Charger with power to recharge a depleted battery bank or provide additional power for heavy loads. The XW AGS adds intelligence to generator management, thereby eliminating time spent monitoring batteries and inverter loads. It does this by continuously monitoring the battery voltage, state-of-charge, or the inverter charge mode, starting and stopping the generator when the battery needs additional charging. The XW AGS will also start the generator to assist the system’s inverter/charger(s) when output power demands are high.

The AGS can be customized to suit each user’s preferences. The user can define whether the generator should be activated by low-battery voltage, state-of-charge, thermostat operation, or load on the inverter(s). A quiet-time setting prevents the generator from starting at inconvenient times. LED lights display the status of the AGS, while all user-defined settings are programmed through the XW system control panel (SCP).

Works with multiple Xanbus devices on a Xanbus network: Schneider Electric Conext XW/XW+, SW, MPPT 60-150, MPPT 80-600, SCP & ComBox

Detailed Features

  • LED display showing at-a-glance status
  • 20-contact generator connector and three built-in relays support 13 preset generator configurations
  • Built-in emergency shutdown
  • Xanbus™-enabled.

The Conext XW AGS requires an XW System Control Panel (SCP) for configuration and monitoring.

Xanbus network for XW Automatic Generator Starter AGS Xanbus Network Diagram

Why choose a Conext™ XW Automatic Generator Start?

 True bankability
  • Warranty from a trusted partner with 178 years of experience
  • World leader in industrial power drives, UPS and electrical distribution
  • Strong service infrastructure worldwide to support your global needs
  • Higher return on investment
  • Integrate with an inverter/charger to maximize system power performance

Designed for reliability

  • Tested and qualified for harsh environmental conditions
    (HALT reliability testing)


  • Works with multiple Xanbus devices - Conext XW/XW+, SW, MPPT 60-150, MPPT 80-600, SCP, ComBox
  • User-programmable trigger settings to meet specific application needs:
    ° Battery voltage ° SOC ° Exercise time ° Quiet time ° Inverter / Charger AC power loads
  • Supports manual start and stop operation modes
  • Access and troubleshoot AGS device events using the Conext ComBox or SCP
  • Easily upgrade new firmware to the AGS using the ComBox

Easy to install

  • Wall mount
  • RJ45 connections for Xanbus network cables

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