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System Size 13.86 KW
Solar Panels 42 Solaria PowerXT 330W
Panel Frame Color Black
Module Mount IronRidge XR Rails
Inverter SolarEdge Inverter

13.86 KW Solaria / SolarEdge Solar Carport System


Residential Solar System Installation Projects

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13.86 KW Solaria / SolarEdge Solar Carport System

This DIY solar carport features 42 Solaria PowerXT solar panels outfitted with SolarEdge Optimizers. This customer mounted the solar array to IronRidge XR rails on his custom carport shade structure.

Components supplied by Solar Electric Supply include:

  • 42 Solaria PowerXT 330R-WX solar panels
  • IronRidge XR mounting rails
  • SolarEdge SE11400A-US grid-tied inverter
  • 42 Solaredge P370 Optimizers
  • Output cables, ground lugs & disconnect
  • Solar Electric Supply system electrical schematics, documentation and support

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Solaria SolarEdge Solar Carport

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