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System Size 7.28 KW
Solar Panels REC Solar REC260PE-USBLK
Panel Frame Color Black
Inverter Fronius IG Plus V 7.5-1 UNI
Module Mount Professional Solar GroundTrac

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Zane Brady
Brady Electric
Santa Barbara, California

7.28 KW Ground Mounted Solar System Using REC Solar Panels - Buellton, CA


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7.28 KW Ground Mounted Solar System w/ REC Solar Panels - Buellton, CA

This ground mounted solar system has a long life expectancy with REC Solar Peak Energy Series solar panels feeding a Fronius IG Plus V 7.5-1 UNI grid-tie inverter. The solar panels are mounted on a GroundTrac mounting system by Professional Solar Products.

GroundTrac ground mount system rear view

Components supplied by Solar Electric Supply include:

  • REC Solar REC260PE-US black frame solar panels
  • Prosolar GroundTrac solar panel ground mount system
  • Fronius grid-tie inverter
  • Mounting and grounding hardware
  • Solar Electric Supply system design and support

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Ground mounted solar panel array
Side view of the ground-mounted solar panel array in Buellton.
front view of solar panels

7.28 ground-mounted REC solar panel system

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