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SES MAPPS Pad-Mounted Solar Panel System

Model Number MAPPS-570-530-24-PAD
Nominal System Voltage 24 VDC
Solar PV Module

3X SES 4200J 24 Vdc 200 Watts ea.

Solar Module Certifications UL 1703, Class 1 Division 2, Group A, B, C, D, Class C Fire Rating
PV Module Mount Low-profile ground mount
Battery Type 4X Deka Solar 8G8D Gel Cell
Battery Bank Capacity 24V 530 Ahr at 100 hour discharge rate
Enclosure Model AL-PAD-4-8G8DN
Enclosure Design NEMA 3R
Charge Controller ProStar 30M
Controller Certifications ETL Listed to UL 1741 & CSA C22.2 No. 107.1-01
MAPPS System Weight w/ Batteries 917 lbs.
Origin USA
List Price $12,514.92

600 Watt 24VDC 530Ahr Pad-Mounted Solar Panel System

SKU MAPPS-570-530-24-PAD
remote off-grid battery enclosure solar system
remote off-grid solar panel systems
MAPPS off-grid enclosure solar system logo

Pad Mounted Solar Panel Systems

600 Watt 24VDC 530Ahr Pad-Mounted Solar Panel System

4 battery pad-mount solar battery enclosure system
Enclosure solar system designed for long life in harsh weather climates.

Reliable Weatherproof Solar Panel System

This highly reliable, durable, and rugged four-battery system is designed to require minimal maintenance with a 20 year design life (with battery replacements approximately every five to seven years). Our systems are assembled and tested following strict QA/QC procedures, and are designed to IEEE Standard 1562: Guide for Array and Battery Sizing in Stand-Alone Photovoltaic (PV) Systems.

MAPPS pad-mounted solar panel systems include components with the highest quality standards and qualify for Made in USA, Buy America and ARRA. MAPPS systems are also available with UL Listing or Class I Div 2 approval.

600 Watt 24V Pad-Mounted Solar Panel System

charge controller Charge control load center with pre-cut color coded wiring harness included.
custom pre-wired AC-DC charger option
We can pre-wire many options.

Solar Panels

  • High efficiency crystalline silicon
  • Meets JPL Block V durability criteria
  • Tempered glass and aluminum frame
  • Conduit ready junction box or MC 4 connectors

Gel Cell Sealed Batteries

  • Sealed maintenance-free
  • Excellent deep-cycling performance
  • Immobilized electrolyte, non-spillable
  • Transports easily and safely

System Enclosure

  • Aluminum construction
  • Powder coated enamel white paint
  • Filtered louvered vents
  • Insulation Kit for battery
  • Controller mounted on DIN rail with array/battery/load breakers

Balance of System Components

  • Heavy duty aluminum mounting structure
  • Controller with low voltage battery protection
  • Optional 130 and 170 MPH available
  • Color-coded, pre-cut wiring harness
  • Easy-to-follow manual/system schematics

Optional Components

  • DC to DC converters for 12, 24, 48 VDC loads
  • DC to AC inverter for 120 VAC loads
  • Radio shelf for additional load equipment
  • Pre-wired PoE Power over Ethernet injectors
solar contractors on utility transmission tower

MAPPS Off-Grid Solar Panel System Applications

No matter what extreme environment on Earth: arctic, desert, coastal or tropical, this corrosion-resistant solar power system is ideal for your next remote off-grid solar project.

Solar battery powered examples can include:

  • 4G LTE ruggedized gateways
  • Digi Transport WR31 (Xmt/Rcv)
  • Axis Q6000-e Mid 50vdc
  • ScadaPack 32 (in-use)
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Emerson Series 5700 Meter
  • Device Server
  • DNGP Controller (in-use)
  • UPS battery backup systems
  • MDS SS9 Radio
  • Contact us with your solar powered application today! OEM, Distributor, System Integrator, Government, VAR, Dealer, Contractor, MWBE, International, and Reseller discounts available.

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    MAPPS 600 Watt 530AHr Pad-Mounted Battery Enclosure Solar Panel System Review

    pad mounted 8D solar battery enclosure review

    Solar Electric Supply specializes in supplying dealer, contractor, government and industrial accounts worldwide with reliable, cost-effective Class 1 Division 2 solar electric power solutions.

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