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Model Number BP3215B
STC Rating 225.0
PTC Rating 0.0
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 36.5
Short Circuit Current (A) 8.10
Frame Color Black
Power % ± -3/5
(W/ft²) 0.00
Area (ft²) 123.0
Weight (lbs) 42.8
Length (in) 65.63
Width (in) 39.37
Height (in) 1.97

BP Solar BP3215B Solar Panels

  • Black 215 Watt Photovoltaic Solar Module.
  • Uniform appearance, aesthetically-pleasing black frame and back sheet.
  • Improved reliability with effective cooling for greater energy production.
  • Flexible mounting and reduced soiling losses ensures dirt accumulation will not shadow cells.
  • 5 year workmanship guarantee.
  • 25 year power warranty.

No Longer Available

We carry many high quality BP Solar Panel Equivalents for off-grid systems.

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Electrical Specification

BP Solar BP3215B electrical specifications

Mechanical Specification

BP Solar BP3215B mechanical specifications


BP Solar BP3215B dimensions