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Commercial Solar System Investment

Initial Investment

Here is a typical example:

Total Project Size 50 Kilowatts AC
Total Installed Cost ($7*/watt AC) $350,000
State Rebate ($1.9/Watt AC)** - $95,000
Initial Cost $255,000
30% Federal Tax Credit - $76,500
Final Out-of Pocket Cost $178,500
*Cost of SES grid tie system plus $1.50/watt for installation, taxes, permit fees, etc.
**Varies state by state. California rebate currently $1.90/Watt AC

Cost Effectiveness

Depending on your specific need and location, there are a number of factors that affect cost effectiveness for your business, including:

commercial solar system cost investment· System Size
Larger systems can cost less per watt than small systems because of economies of scale.

· Installation Complexity
More complex installations, including mounting systems on racks, working around obstructions, such as pipes and HVAC equipment, and building-integrated custom installations can be more expensive.

· System Production
Installing your system at the optimal orientation and tilt will maximize system production. The more energy your system produces over time, the faster you will recoup your investment.

· Operation and Maintenance (O&M)
Compared to other distributed energy technologies, operation and maintenance costs of PV systems are relatively low. Costs may include occasional cleaning of PV modules, regular visual inspections and repair, and possible replacement of inverter and/or components.

How much can I expect to save?

If you are creating some of your own electricity, your electric bills will be lower each month. One major advantage of a solar power system is that it produces power during peak demand times, offsetting expensive power. It is almost impossible to give you an accurate estimate of financial savings, because it depends on the future price of electricity and your patterns of use.

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