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fat spaniel

Fat Spaniel remote solar power monitoring, management and control services can be viewed on the Internet.

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System integrators/installers that want anywhere, anytime remote access to their customers' renewable energy systems rely on Fat Spaniel Technologies. Commercial, industrial and residential customers appreciate the monitoring services Fat Spaniel provides to troubleshoot any potential problems.

This monitoring and reporting service showcases valuable solar system information through dynamic graphics, live and historical system performance data, alerting notification, and greenhouse gas avoidance numbers. It is accessible using any web-enabled device.

This hosted diagnostic and maintenance service allows you to set up automated alerts on system issues. You can also use this service to remotely diagnose your solar system and conduct preventive maintenance to ensure the solar system is performing as designed.

The Advantages

You can resolve issues quickly and optimize system performance.

monitoringLive system views let you see how much energy your system is generating, creating a stronger sense of value delivered. Company installations can be customized with a company logo to promote your company.

Fat Spaniel services can be used to generate performance reports and collect critical field data. You can create regional and aggregate data reports to benchmark system performance over time. The data can then be analyzed to develop installation best practices and improve system quality.

Diagnostics & Maintenance Services

• Remotely monitor, diagnose, manage and control systems
• Receive alerts that serve as early warnings to equipment and system issues
• Perform remote diagnostics, updates and resets to optimize performance



Worldwide demand for renewable energy is growing exponentially due to concerns about climate change

Energy supply security and rising costs of fossil fuels are making renewable energy more interesting. As solar electric, solar thermal, wind and other renewable energy systems become viable energy alternatives, there is a critical need to ensure that these systems can be remotely monitored, managed and controlled – over the Internet.

Founded in 2003, Fat Spaniel Technologies is the market leader in providing critical monitoring and reporting services for the renewable energy industry. The Energy Intelligence Platform™ provides PPA service providers, integrators, OEMs and system installers with the services they need to optimize energy output, reduce the cost of operations and maintenance, reduce risk and help increase project ROI (return on investment) for renewable energy systems.

Fat Spaniel solutions allow distributed energy systems to be remotely monitored, managed and controlled. The Fat Spaniel Insight Manager™ service provides a portal for managing portfolios of multiple sites, including capabilities for: detecting inverter faults, generating alerts, monitoring actual performance vs. expected results, capturing service information, downloading reports, and much more.

Fat Spaniel solutions address industry needs in three key areas

• Operations & Maintenance: Optimizes uptime and output while keeping the costs of O&M under control
• Revenue-Grade Data Services: Provides independent, verifiable data for billing, agency reporting, Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) reporting, and analytics
• Marketing & Education: Increases the impact of clean energy systems by providing web-based, graphical visualization

Whether you are an OEM looking to add remote system management capabilities to your product, an installer that needs remote diagnostic data and alerts, or a PPA Service Provider that needs independent, third party reporting and billing services, Fat Spaniel can help.

Many renewable energy systems in 12 countries around the world use Fat Spaniel’s monitoring and reporting services. In California alone, approximately 80 percent of all independently monitored solar electric systems installed rely on Fat Spaniel. End-user customers include Wal-Mart, Staples, Warner Brothers and Vodafone.

Much of Fat Spaniel's success is due to partnerships with key industry players such as BP Solar, Conergy, DC Power, GE Energy, SunTechnics, REC Solar, SatCon, Solectria, SunEdison, Xantrex and WorldWater.

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