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Deka Solar
Model Number Ecoult UltraFlex 4 x 48 V
Nominal Voltage 48 V
DC Energy 17.4 kWh
Reserve Capacity up to 8.5 kWh
Maximum Power 20 kW
Assembly Weight 2,293 lbs. (1,040 kg)
Dimensions: 43.3" x 23.9" x 78.1"
Made in the USA
by East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc.

20kW Ecoult UltraFlex 48V Deka UltraBattery Energy Storage System

SKU Ecoult UltraFlex 4 x 48 V
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Ecoult UltraFlex 48V Deka UltraBattery 20kW Energy Storage System

Deka UltraBattery Energy Storage
Deka UltraBattery shown w/ integrated monitor & BMS

With 17 kWh of usable energy storage at 60% range of charge and 20 kW of peak power, the high‑cycling, energy-efficient Ecoult™ UltraFlex™ 48 V system is safe and simple to deploy, operate, and maintain using state-of-the-art Deka UltraBattery energy storage technology.

The Deka UltraBattery is a hybrid, long-life lead-acid energy storage device. It combines the fast charging rates of ultracapacitor technology with the energy storage potential of a lead-acid battery in a single hybrid device. The UltraBattery is used for partial-state-of-charge (PSoC) applications where batteries may need to charge and discharge rapidly and frequently.

Due to the UltraFlex system's high-power, high-cycling and high-energy capabilities, it is the plug ’n’ play energy storage device of choice for a range of applications and environments.

The UltraFlex Energy Storage System is used for:

  • Residential battery backup energy shifting
  • Small & medium commercial energy storage systems
  • Distributed infrastructure
  • Mobile telecoms
  • Utility grid modernization
  • Rugged & remote locations
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Each Ecoult UltraFlex 48V System Includes:

  • 16X Deka® UltraBattery® 12V monoblocs
    w/ integrated monitors
  • System monitoring and control
  • Over-current protection on each string

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Ecoult UltraFlex 48 V UltraBattery Energy Storage System Review

UltraFlex UltraBattery System Applications

ultraflex ultrabattery microgrid system
Flexible uses of the UltraFlex energy storage system include remote off-grid hybrid energy systems, telecom, microgrids, renewable energy smoothing and energy shifting for residential and commercial environments.

Renewables Integration

Smoothing: Smoothing of renewable energy power sources
Feed-in management and ramp-rate control: Distributed management of renewable energy sources feeding into the electricity grid

Diesel and Off-Grid

Hybrid energy systems: Downsizing of diesel/fossil-fuel generators and reduction of generator use greatly lowers costs and fuel consumption reducing CO2 and other emissions
Remote-area power supply: Reliable off-grid renewable power solutions

Energy Shifting/Cost Control

• Peak lopping/peak demand management: Shifting of energy availability to cover demand peaks
• Energy arbitrage: Storage of off-peak energy for use during peak charge times

Revenue Generation

• Frequency regulation: Provision of distributed grid ancillary services or demand response

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UltraFlex System Features & Benefits

1, 2, 3 & 4 x 48 V string configurations possible, with up to 16 x 12 V Deka UltraBattery monoblocs per cabinet
Flexible sizing for different power and energy requirements
Available pre-installed or pre-wired for integration onsite, depending on site accessibility
Reduced onsite labor and accelerated installation time
Offers 20 kW power with a 43 in x 24 in footprint
Fewer batteries required, so space onsite is optimized
Maximizes battery life by channeling airflow to promote operation within optimum temperature bands
Maximizes your business case and return on investment by reducing diverging effects of temperature on Deka UltraBattery cells
Provides access to state of charge and other vital information to assist with operating the system within its optimal performance range
Be proactive – save time and cost on site by diagnosing issues remotely
Protects the system from excessive current and faults
Included switch fuses maximize safety and longevity of the batteries
The Deka UltraBattery is virtually 100% recyclable. Each of the three major components (lead, plastic, and acid) can be safely recycled and used in making new energy storage devices
Closed-loop recycling of Deka UltraBattery reduces the environmental footprint of your energy storage solution

Ecoult UltraFlex UltraBattery systems are available at low wholesale prices.


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