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Description Rating
Model number ET-SPLK-05 (sold in packs of 5)
Degree of protection IP67
Operating temperature -40°C to +65°C
Rated current 20 A
Rated voltage 600 V
Accepts cable diameter 10.8 mm to 12.0 mm
Conductor size 2.5 mm2
Approvals VDE, CE
Example compatible cables Engage Cable, H07BQ-F, U-1000 RO2V, FG7OR, NYY-J

Enphase Engage Coupler

SKU enphase-engage-coupler

Enphase Engage Coupler

The Engage Coupler is a watertight enclosure for connecting two AC cables within an Enphase installation. It supports single-phase and three-phase electrical service and is compatible with field cable.

The Engage Coupler provides an alternative to installing junction boxes within an array, improving aesthetics and saving time and materials on the roof.


  • Includes all parts needed for splicing and sealing
  • Attaches easily to racking


  • Compatible with Engage Cable or field cable
  • Supports single- and three-phase


  • Easily concealed beneath solar array
  • Reduces j-box and conduit usage

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