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Solaria PowerXT solar panel system specifications
System Part # SES-7.0KW-350R-PD-SE6H
System Power 7.00 KW
Watts per Sq./Ft. 17.97
Panel PTC Rating 318.2
Panel Frame Color Black
Panel Dimensions 63.88" x 43.9" x 1.57"
Solar Array Area 389 sq. ft.
System List Price
System Price per Watt $1.91
Enphase SMA Sunny Boy
Enphase and SMA Sunny Boy inverters also available.

7kW Solaria PowerXT 350R-PD Grid-Tied Solar System

Solaria PowerXT solar panel system header

7kW Solaria PowerXT 350R-PD Grid-Tied Solar System


This Solaria PowerXT Grid-Tied Solar System Includes:

home Solaria PowerXT solar panel system
  • 20 Solaria PowerXT 350R-PD all-black solar panels
  • SolarEdge SE6000H-US grid-tie inverter
  • 20 SolarEdge Power Optimizers
  • Choice of Prosolar Rooftrac, Ironridge, SnapNRack or other roof mounting rails and clamps
  • MC interconnect cables
  • Grounding lugs
  • Array combiners in larger systems
  • AC/DC solar disconnect
  • Site specific electrical single and three line schematics
  • All wire sizing/type are specified in our electrical schematics
  • CA stamped structural testing reports mounting system
  • Component installation manuals
  • Friendly knowledgeable technical assistance
Solaria solar panel system front review

What's Not Included?

  • Prosolar Tilt Kits for flat roofs
  • Additional hardware for landscape oriented arrays
  • Standard conduit, ground and tie-in wiring and landing breakers
  • Additional load center hardware, breaker boxes, etc.
Solaria 350R-PD black solar panel

The Solaria PowerXT 350R-PD solar panel is one of the highest wattage all-black solar panels available. The 350R-PD is virtually “All Black”, nothing else is quite like it.

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This PowerXT module is ideal for residential solar systems that can benefit from producing more power in less space. Now shipping as a complete SolarEdge Optimizer solar system for greatest efficiency.

Low wholesale prices for Solaria PowerXT DIY solar system options.
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