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Prosolar Foam Jack

The Foam Jack® is based on the patented design of the popular Fast Jack®. It is an easy-to-foam version designed for use on commercial and metal rooftops

This industrial grade stanchion offers a full 2,870 lbs. of vertical strength using one 3/8" x 6" lag bolt!

It also offers an impressive 2,615 lbs. of axial (side) strength. Like the Commercial and Residential Fast Jack, the primary connection to the roof is made directly under the point of load.

The Foam Jack base accepts one fastener up to 3/8” diameter. The 3/8" threaded post version integrates with the Roof Trac support rail.

The post is also available in a 1/2" thread version which fully integrates with commercially available steel strut using the optional Commercial Leveling Kit.

Benefits of the Foam Jack Roof Mount:

  • Patented design locates the lag bolt or self tapping screw directly under the removable post for superior strength
  • Use of foam versus a flashing provides leak-free connections at a fraction of the cost of conventional flashings
  • Precision machined from extruded aluminum and tumbled clean for proper foam adhesion
  • Significantly lighter than steel for installer convenience and reduced shipping costs
  • Cylinder base design allows for even distribution of foam around the stanchion
foam jack installation

Foam Jack Test Data

Pull tested by an independent and accredited ICC approved testing laboratory to 2,870 lbs vertical and 2,615 axial (side) pull. Test conducted with a 3/8” x 6” lag bolt in a 4” x 6” Douglas Fir wood beam.

Measurements / Specifications

  • BASE: 1.5” dia. x 2.6” #6061 Aluminum
  • 1/4” hole for self tapping-screw base
  • 3/8” hole for lag bolt base
  • POSTS: 1” dia. x 3” #6061 Aluminum
  • 3/8” drilled & tapped (non-leveling version)
  • 1/2” threaded 2” deep (leveling version)


Non-Leveling Version
6" High-3/8" Threaded Post

Part# FMJ-638L (Lag Bolt Version)
Part# FMJ-638T (Self tapping Screw Version)
Use this version when setting the Roof Trac support rail directly on the Foam Jack post.

foam jack leveling kitLeveling Kit Version
6" High-1/2" Threaded Post

Part# FMJ-612L (Lag Bolt Version)
Part# FMJ-612T (Self tapping Screw Version)
Like the best-selling Commercial Fast Jack, the Foam Jack is available in a 1/2” thread version to accept the Commercial Leveling Kit.
For use with the 1/2" commercial leveling kit (sold separately)

Leveling kit
For use with the FMJ-612L & FMJ-612T in conjunction with standard outdoor rated strut to adjust for minor roof variances.

foam mountTypical Installation Sequence for Foaming

Step 1: Locate rafter/beam
Step 2: Use drill guide (sold separately) to drill a pilot hole.
Step 3: Install base using appropriate fastener
Step 4: Place red cap on post and securely attach to base
Step 5: Clean and prepare the roof surface then foam the stanchion
Step 6: When foam is dry, coat with UV paint
Step 7: Install your Rooftrac system!

foam jack review Foam Jack Spec Sheet

FoamJack info Foam Jack Installation Guide

FoamJack info Leveling Kit Installation Guide

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for more information or to order.

non levelling installation exploded view levelling kit installation exploded view