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REC Model Number SCM230
STC Rating 230.0 Watts
PTC Rating TBA
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 37.1 Volts
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 8.3 Amps
Frame Color Clear
Origin Norway
Power Tolerance -3 / +3%
Module Efficiency 13.9%
Weight 42 lbs
Width 39.02 in.
Length 65.55 in.
Height 1.69 in.

REC 230 Watt Solar Panel SCM 230


REC Solar

REC SCM230 Multicrystalline Solar Panel

The SCM230 Features Uncompromising Quality

The REC SCM230 is a high-quality solar panel designed to provide exceptional solar system performance. REC manufactures its own silicon, wafers, cells and modules in Scandinavia and does extensive quality control throughout the complete production process. REC Solar is trusted to provide a secure, steady supply of modules that are manufactured to the highest standards of quality from beginning to end.

The SCM230 Series utilizes 60 high-efficiency, multi-crystalline 6.14 inch (156mm) square cells. The modules provide outstanding performance in low-light conditions due to their special glass treatment. The junction box on the rear of the module has built-in bypass diodes to reduce shading losses. The laminate's Tedlar backing and anodized aluminium frame ensures many years of peak performance. The SCM230 is designed to withstand heavy snow and wind conditions.

Quick Installation and Modern Technology

Standard MC4 connectors allow quick and easy inter-module connection, and system installation. The MC Flex-Sol double-insulated output wiring provides for safer array wiring, and makes the SCM Series compatible with the use of transformerless inverter technology. This insures that the SCM230 is ready today to work with tomorrow's inverter technologies.

First-class warranty

The SCM230 solar panel comes with a guarantee of 90% of rated power output after 10 years and 80% of rated power output after 25 years. The modules have a 63-month limited warranty on materials and workmanship.

Residential Solar System Price

We carry complete pre-configured residential solar systems.
Perfect for the solar contractor or handy homeowner.

The REC SCM230 is reliable and affordable.

REC Solar Quality

REC polysilicon is manufactured in the US (Moses Lake, WA and Butte, MO). REC wafers, cells and modules are manufactured in Scandinavia.

This q uality multi-crystalline solar panel is assembled in Norway.

REC SCM230 Dimensions

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