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Street Light Power Pole AC Power Adapter

Light Pole Power Tap Adapter


MAPPS™ Street Light / Power Pole Power Tap Adapter

This power tap adapter provides easy access to AC power by tapping into the electrical circuit used to power parking lot or street lights.

This power adapter provides easy access to AC power by tapping into the electrical circuit used to power outdoor lights. This allows you to quickly attach and run any standard AC application, including Security/Surveillance cameras, WiFi and WiMax Radios, Traffic Monitoring or UPS-DC systems.

This adapter works with any electric light fixture that has a standard photo control locking type receptacle. The adapter installs between the photo control or shorting cap and the receptacle. The adapter does not interfere with normal photo control operation. Connect your application with one of our 20' cables or you can create your own custom length onsite with our attachable field adapter. We carry adapters that support up to 300 VAC Max. Call for expert assistance.

street light cord adapter
  • 36" Power Cord
  • 64V-265VAC input
  • Molded 115VAC Outlet
  • Twist-Lock Receptacle
standard light AC adapter cable
  • 144" Power Cord
  • 64V-265VAC input
  • Unterminated
  • Twist-Lock Receptacle
Twist-lock with 4-pin Mini-C connector
  • 36" Power Cord
  • 64-265VAC input
  • Female Mini-C Connector
  • Twist-Lock Receptacle
Noryl EN185 weatherproof light AC adapter
  • 4-Pin female Mini-C Connector
  • NORYL EN185 Housing
  • Gold Plated brass contacts
  • 300VAC Max

 Outdoor Solar LED Light
A MAPPS™ Light Pole Power Tap Adapter
provides reliable AC power from standard
parking lot and street lights.

wifi camera

This adapter uses the electrical circuit for
to power standard AC applications
like Wi-Fi security cameras.

MAPPS™ Street Light Power Pole Light Adapter Applications

  • Parking lots
  • Security risk areas
  • Vandalism & high theft areas
  • Multi-tenant complexes
  • Military bases
  • Shopping centers
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Marinas
  • Driveways
light pole power without wiring
No more need for separate wiring
to your AC power devices!
277 VAC light adapter
The PTA-100 power adapter powers your loads 24 hours a day on standard outdoor light poles that have photocontrols.

Models & Pricing


Choose the right light pole power tap adapter for your application.

Choose an adapter based on your needs from our table below or let one of our trained associates build a custom system for your project. Contact our experts for custom lighting and survelliance systems.

Wholesale discount price available for industrial, government and international customers.

Light Pole Power Tap Adapter Pricing
List Price
Model Input Voltage Range Connection 1 2 to 9 10 to 24 25+
LPT-130 64-265 VAC 36" Cable w/ 3-prong AC receptacle. Call Call Call Call
LPT-131 64-265 VAC 144" Unterminated Cable Call Call Call Call
LPT-135 64-265 VAC 36" Cable w/ 4-pin Female C-Connector Call Call Call Call
PTA-100 277 VAC, 300 VAC Max. 4-Pin Female C-Connector Call Call Call Call

Note: All models use a "twist-lock receptacle" input common with most commercial street lighting applications.


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