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Remote Area Photovoltaic System
RAPS PM Series
Pole Mounted Remote Area Solar Power Systems

stand alone solar system

RAPS battery enclosure

RAPS battery enclosure

RAPS application

RAPS application example

RAPS are reliable, stand-alone solar power for every location and application. Weatherproof enclosure, mount and batteries included.

Solar Electric Supply RAPS™ are stand-alone photovoltaic power systems, engineered to support a wide variety of remote solar battery power requirements with critical reliability in mind. With a weatherproof enclosure, mount and batteries included; RAPS™ are engineered to provide reliable, stand-alone solar power for virtually every location and application.

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All RAPS™ are fully engineered and carefully designed using the following field proven components:

• High Efficiency Photovoltaic Modules
• Solid State UL Listed Control Systems
• Sealed Maintenance-Free Batteries
• Weatherproof, Aluminum Battery Enclosures
• Extra Room for your Equipment
• Highest Quality Hardware Accessories
• Comprehensive Installation Manual, Schematics

Versatile Power Producing Capabilities

• Wireless Data
• Security Cameras
• Cellular and Two-Way Radio
• Wi-Fi & Wi-Max
• Microwave Relay
• Railroad Signaling
• Remote Home
• Rural Development
• Rural Habitation
• Street/Area/Sign Lighting
• Tower Obstruction LED Beacons
• Vaccine Refrigeration

reviewField Proven Experience

SES RAPS™ systems are reliably powering thousands of critical loads around the globe. Using proprietary computer modeling /design programs and an experienced SES technical staff, RAPS™ are designed to ensure year-round power availability.

The RAPS™ System Advantages

• Reliable
• Cost-Effective
• Low Maintenance
• Easy Installation
• Versatile Modular Design
• Self-Contained
• Low Voltage
• No Generator
• No Trenching
• Simplified Permit Procedures
• UL Listed components
• Inspector Friendly
• Pole Mount
Trailer Mount
Skid Mount
Container Based

Time Tested Reliability

RAPS™ systems represent the highest standard of reliability. All components have passed rigorous testing and are suitable for use in the harshest of environments. Every RAPS™ system component is tested individually, assuring trouble-free operation right from the start.

RAPS application landscape
gel solar batteries

What the SES RAPS™ Quality Means for You

• RAPS™ system design and components meet or exceed the highest safety standards.
• All components used in RAPS™ systems meet UL requirements.
• UL is the most widely recognized safety standard by electrical inspectors.
• SES RAPS™ production facilities and procedures meet or exceed strict quality assurance guidelines.

RAPS™ Features

Photovoltaic Modules

• High Efficiency Crystalline Silicon
• Meet JPL Block V Durability Criteria
• Tempered Glass and Aluminum Frame
• Module Warranty up to 25 Years

Gel Cell Sealed Batteries

• Sealed Maintenance-Free
• Excellent Deep-Cycling Performance
• Immobilized Electrolyte, Non-Spillable
• Transports Easily and Safely

Charge/Load System Controller

• Field Proven High Efficiency Design
• Temperature Compensated Charging
• Low Voltage Load Disconnect
• Most Models UL Listed and FM Approved

Balance of System Components

• Weatherproof Battery/Controller Enclosure
• Heavy Duty Aluminum Mounting Structures
• Color-Coded, Pre-Cut Wiring Harness
• Easy-to-Follow Installation Manual and System Schematics

Unparalleled Solar Experience

Our staff has over 40 years experience designing reliable solutions to remote power needs. We know and understand battery systems, and our expertise with renewable energy is some of the best in North America. With tens of thousands of systems working in the field, from Arctic to desert environments, we are your energy solution partner.

RAPS Design Steps:

1. Calculate your Power Requirements
Figure your load in Amp-hours per day. Consider both continuous and intermittent loads in a 24-hour period. Average over a week if loads change daily.

2. Determine your Solar Insolation Zone
Locate your site on the map below. The map represents average solar energy available in the winter. Available energy increases incrementally from zones 1 through 5.

3. Use the Performance Table to Choose your System
The tables below represent the Amp-hours per day performance of each RAPS system in the different solar zones. Choose your system voltage, then look down your solar zone column for the value that meets or exceeds your design load Amp-hours. Follow the row to the left for the corresponding prepackaged RAPS system that will fully power your load requirements.

average solar radiation per month map

RAPS authorized price list

You can design and price your system yourself! click here

Want us to design a custom system for you?
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