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Narada Batteries

Solar, battery backup storage and monitoring all in one solar energy system.

Narada High Rate & Intensive Deep Discharge Batteries for Long Lasting Power.

Narada Power Source Co. Ltd., was established in 1994 as a manufacturer for storage batteries in the field of telecom power source industry in China. Narada specializes in research, development and manufacture of the highest quality high rate, deep discharge and intensive cycling service batteries. These batteries are available for telecom reserve power, intelligent energy storage systems, environment friendly power storage systems, UPS, motive power systems and other energy storage systems.

Narada specializes in sealed valve regulated lead acid batteries for all types energy storage. Narada batteries are available for sale to more than one hundred countries across Africa, Latin America, SE Asia and industry at low wholesale prices.

Narada batteries

Narada HRL Series

2V & 12V High Rate / Long Life / Top or Front Terminal

Narada REX Series

2V Deep Discharge / Fast Recharge Performance / Front Terminal Horizontally Mounted

Narada ICS Series

12V Intensive Cycling Service / Front Terminal Horizontally Mounted

Narada Battery Applications


  • BTS Sites (telecom base stations)
  • Cell Sites
  • Mini Cell, micro cell, or small cell site
  • VSAT / Satellite
  • Oil/Gas
  • Cathodic Protection
  • RTU Control Panel
  • Renewable Energy
  • Microgrid Applications

Standalone Solar

  • Solar (PV) Hybrid
  • Diesel Hybrid
  • Telecom Hybrid
  • UPS
  • CDC (Charge/Discharge Cycling)
  • Battery back-up
  • Energy storage power
  • Emergency power

Off Grid

  • Poor or unreliable grid power
  • Extended or long cycle / service life
  • Cycle battery
  • VRLA battery
  • Cycling / Standby applications
  • Front terminal 12V battery
  • Clean energy / Green energy
  • Telecom power
  • Telecom transmission power
  • Data center power

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