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Rolls Surrette Solar Batteries

The Single Cell and Big Red Rolls Battery line

  • Dual non-breakable container
  • Modular configuration - easier transporting, installation, and repairs
  • Moisture-tight outer container
  • Rolls' Rezistox plate design uses fewer yet heavier thick plates

Rolls Battery Types:

2 volt single cell
KS-13, KS-15, KS-17, KS-19, KS-21, KS-23, KS-25, KS-27, KS 33 P
Configure for 12 volt, 24 volt or 48 volt DC battery backup systems.
These reliable 2 volt cells can be configured in series or parallel for different configurations. Interconnect cables are included. Must be mounted in a container.
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Rolls 2 Volt Single Cell

Big Red Battery 4-6 volt
4 volt or 6 volt battery
4-CS-17P, 4-KS-21P, 4-KS-25P, 6-CS-17PS, 6-CS-21PS, 6-CS-25PS
The Big Red Battery Series uses 2 volt cells for rugged 12 volt, 24 volt or 48 volt DC battery backup systems. 4 volt and 6 volt models available.
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Rolls Big Red Battery

6 Volt High-Capacity L-16
S-460, S-530
This is a popular thick-plate L-16 type with three 2 volt cells and EKG type plates for more storage capacity. Because of extensive research, review and quality control, these are the best L16 batteries on the market.
Very high-capacity batteries with expected life of 10 years.
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Rolls 6 Volt L-16 Battery

Rolls / Surrette Battery Features:

Environmentally Friendly
NO ACID LEAKAGE. The new generation of batteries utilizes dual container construction. Each cell is assembled in its own inner container made of high temperature retardant, durable polypropylene with the inner cover heat bonded to the container,(thus acid leakage is eliminated). The cells are then assembled into a high density tough polyethylene outer container with a removable lid. Even if the outer container were to break the battery would still be operable without the harmful affects of sulfuric acid spills.

Optional Cell Connection
Cell replacement is now less frequent, but if necessary, Rolls makes it clean and quick. As an option the individual cells can be bolted together allowing the battery to be repaired, or assembled on location. Cell replacement can be accomplished without special skills or tools.

Enveloped Positive Plates
The positive plates are doubled insulated. The first layer consists of a thick woven glass mat. The plate and matting are then sealed in a non-destructible, microporous, polyethylene envelope. The envelope eliminates the possibility of separator misalignment, cracked separators, treeing, or shorting at the bottom or sides. The sediment chamber is eliminated allowing more liquid space above the top of the cell, thus lengthening periods between watering.

Rugged Plate Construction
The Rolls Rezistox Plate Design uses fewer, but heavier, members in the grid (current carrying conductor). More metal where it counts. The heavier members offer more resistance to positive grid peroxidization (corrosion), and allow for greater percentage of power producing active material. (The grid and active material are referred to as the plate.)

The Rolls brand name is used in the USA. The Surrette brand name is used in Canada.

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