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Grid-Tie Solar System Inverter and Charger

XW Series

The Xantrex XW Series brings the next generation of inverter/charger to market.

It is a Hybrid Inverter / Charger that is a true sine wave, 120/240-volt AC, split-phase, inverter/charger. It incorporates a DC to AC inverter, a battery charger, and an AC auto-transfer switch.

xw solar system
Complete Xantrex Hybrid
Inverter / Charger System

Grid-Tie Solar System Inverter

GT Series

The Xantrex Grid Tie Solar Inverter (GT Series) is designed to convert energy produced by solar panels into power that will slow down or sometimes make your utility meter run backwards. The GT Inverter is very efficient (up to 96.0 %), aesthetically pleasing, very reliable, and a low installed cost, through ease of installation and integrated features, the GT Series is a proven, high-frequency design in a compact enclosure.

The GT Series may be installed as a single inverter, for a single PV array, or in a multiple-inverter configuration for large PV arrays. This inverter is eligible for most state rebate programs. Contact us for information or complete systems that are eligible for rebates.

Xantrex GT Inverter
Xantrex GT
Series Inverter

Grid-Tie Solar System Battery Charger

SW Series

The Xantrex (formerly Trace) sine wave inverters provide sinewave output with high efficiency, high surge and low idle current. These are over 90% efficient through most of the load range, peaking at 96% efficiency.

The SW inverters can be programmed to perform automatic generator start and stop, automatic load sensing and generator support, and includes protective circuitry which guards against downtime. Indicators show over-current, over-temperature, short circuit, and low and high battery voltage conditions.


Xantrex SW II
Inverter / Charger

Xantrex (formerly Trace Engineering) provides a comprehensive line of grid-tie and battery backup inverters. Contact us for advice or reviews.