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Solarex MSX-60 w/ Junction Box

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Solarex MSX-60 w/ Junction Box

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Solarex MSX-60 Junction BoxMSX-60 60 Watt & MSX-64 64 Watt
Polycrystalline Solar Panel

The MSX-64 and MSX-60 are among the most powerful of Solarex's Megamodule series, a product line which is the culmination of nearly three decades of extensive research in polycrystalline silicon photovoltaics. With over 3 amperes of current at peak power, these modules offer the most cost effective package in the industry, and charge batteries efficiently in virtually any climate.

These modules may be used in single-module arrays or deployed in multiple-module arrays, wired in series/parallel combinations as required to meet current and voltage requirements. They are engineered under Solarex's IntegraSystem system integration concept, which ensures full compatibility with other Solarex subsystems and components (support hardware, regulators, etc.) and easy system assembly. As single module arrays, they may be mounted on a variety of surfaces using optional kits or by means of user-fabricated support hardware. Solarex also offers hardware for supporting multiple module arrays.

These modules are well-suited for virtually all applications where photovoltaics are a feasible energy source, including telecommunications systems, pumping and irrigation, cathodic protection, remote villages and clinics, and aids to navigation.

Individually Tested, Labeled and Warranted
As part of the final inspection procedure, every MSX module is tested in a solar simulator and labeled with its actual output—voltage, current, and power at maximum power point
(Pmax)—at Standard Test Conditions and Standard Operating Conditions. Furthermore, the MSX-64 and -60 are covered by our industry-leading limited warranty, which guarantees:
• that no module will generate less than its guaranteed minimum Pmax when purchased;
• at least 80% of the guaranteed minimum Pmax for twenty years.

Reliable and Versatile
The Megamodule series has proved its reliability at thousands of installations in every climate on Earth. Among the features that contribute to its versatility:

Dual Voltage Capability
These modules consist of 36 polycrystalline silicon solar cells electrically configured as two series strings of 18 cells each. The strings terminate in the junction box on the module back. Shipped in 12V configuration, modules may easily be switched to 6V configuration in the field by moving leads in the junction box. This design also allows installation of bypass diodes on 18-cell strings, which can improve reliability and performance in systems with nominal voltage 24V and above.

High-Capacity Multifunction Junction Box
The size of the junction box (25 cubic inches, 411cc) and its six-terminal connection block allow most system array connections to be made right in the J-box. The box also can accommodate bypass or blocking diodes or a small regulator, which can save the expense and labor of additional boxes. The box is raintight (IP54 rated) and accepts 1/2" nominal or PG13.5 conduit or cable fittings.
The standard terminals accept wire as large as AWG #10 (6mm2); an optional terminal block accepts wire up to AWG #4 (25mm2).

Proven Materials and Construction
Megamodule materials reflect Solarex's quartercentury of experience with solar modules and systems installed in virtually every climate on Earth.
• Polycrystalline silicon solar cells: efficient, attractive, stable.
• Modules are rugged and weatherproof: cell strings are laminated between sheets of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and tempered glass with a durable Tedlar backsheet.
• Tempered glass superstrate is highly lighttransmissive (low iron content), stable, and impact-resistant.
• Corrosion-resistant, bronze-anodized extruded aluminum frame is strong, attractive, compatible with Solarex mounting hardware and most other mounting structures.

• Blocking and bypass diodes
• Solarstate charge regulator
• Protective aluminum backplate

More than 20 years ago, Solarex made the first polycrystalline silicon solar cell, advancing photovoltaics beyond the first-generation monocrystalline technology developed for electronics. Developed specifically for photovoltaics, polycrystalline silicon is used in Solarex's Mega series to provide a wide range of attractive, efficient modules. They require substantially less energy to
manufacture and generate substantially more energy per rated watt than other crystalline silicon modules.

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