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LG 300A1C-B3 Perfect AC solar panel logo
Model Number LG300A1C-B3
AC Continuous Output Power 285 Watts
PTC Rating 272.3
Frame Color Black
Module Efficiency 18.3 %
AC Watts / Sq. Ft. 16.99
Weight 39.68 lbs.
Length 64.57 in.
Width 39.37 in.
Height 1.38 in.

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LG Mono X ACe LG300A1C-B3 PerfectAC™ AC Solar Panel


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LG Solar
LG Mono X ACe Solar Panel

LG Mono X ACe LG300A1C-B3 PerfectAC™ Solar Panel

LG ACe Perfect AC solar panel with microinverter
LG PerfectAC™ AC solar panels feature premium ACe solar cells and a sleek low-profile microinverter. This combination allows excellent efficiency and ease of solar system installation.
  • Each 300 watt AC solar panel combines a microinverter that provides 285 watts of continuous AC power.
  • Minimize installation time by reducing connecting work by solar contractors
  • Black aluminum frame for a sleek modern look.
  • Configurable for 208V or 240V AC
  • Suitable for large grid-tie/utility-intertie solar power projects.
  • ACe solar cells use Mono X NeoN technology for high-power in a small space.

MonoX® ACe system installation is quick and easy.

AC Output Max Performer AC Output
This LG AC solar panel features premium power output with Mono X ACe solar cells. That essentially means more power generation per square foot than the competition.
* 305W AC output for single phase
solar panel with inverter All-in-one Design
The PerfectAC™ LG AC module line combines the module and inverter in a single unit. It provides a clean neat appearance, reduced cable work and increased energy yield.
solar power monitoring Monitoring Anywhere
LG provides an advanced stable Web-based solution with an in-house server operation. Users can monitor power generation through the internet.
300 watt LG AC solar panel Mono X ACe Solar Cells Power Combined with an Efficient Microinverter
LG has over 25 years of thorough research and development. LG has developed the ACe solar cell on Mono X NeON technology that is aesthetically pleasing, efficient and reliable. Combined with LG's advanced electronic technologies to create a sleek, efficient microinverter, the LG300A1C-B3 is the perfect solution for many solar power projects.
LG Mono-X ACe logo

This LG AC solar panel is a high-efficiency module developed by LG Electronics.

LG Solar's R&D concentrates on developing a product that is not only efficient, but strives to increase practical value for customers. The end result is a module which uses highly efficient n-type materials, an elaborate process control adopting a semiconductor processing solution and double-sided structure.

Lightweight Yet Heavy-Duty
Weighing just over 39 pounds, the LG300A1C-B3 solar panel is proven to demonstrate outstanding durability against external pressure up to 5400 Pa.

Reliable Warranties
LG stands by its products with the strength of a global corporation and sterling warranty policies. LG offers a 10 year product limited warranty and a 25 year limited linear output warranty.

Convenient Installation
LG modules are carefully designed to benefit installers by allowing quick and easy installations throughout the carrying, grounding, and connecting stages of modules.

100% EL Test Completed
All LG solar panels pass Electroluminescence inspection. This EL inspection detects cracks and other imperfections unseen by the naked eye.

Positive Power Tolerance
LG provides rigorous quality testing to solar modules to assure customers of the stated power outputs of all modules, with a positive nominal tolerance starting at 0%.


Certified Laboratory

LG developed the core standard specifications for a solar module and became an official test laboratory certified by TÜV Rheinland and Underwriters Laboratories. The quality and reliability can be seen in every LG300A1C-B3.

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LG300A1C-B3 AC Solar Panel Dimensions

ACe LG300A1C-B3 dimensions

No Longer Available


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