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LG LG280S1C-G4 Mono-X Plus Solar Panel

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LG Solar Mono X Plus

Mono X Plus 60-cell 280 watt
LG Mono X Plus G4 improvements for longer life include reduced LID and a newly designed frame.

LG LG280S1C-G4 Mono-X Plus Solar Panel

  • 280 Watt solar panel using Mono X® Plus monocrystalline cells
  • The LG280S1C-G4 features a sleek black frame with cells that have a dark appearance from the ground.
  • Incredible 6,000 Pa snow load
  • Designed to endure wind up to 208 mph
  • 1,000 volt rated maximum system voltage
  • LG has 25 years of thorough research and development. LG has developed a solar cell that is aesthetically pleasing, efficient and reliable.

LG Mono X Plus Warranty

25 Year Performance Warranty

LG Mono X® Plus provides a 25 year enhanced performance warranty. The initial degradation has been improved from -3% to -2%, and the annual degradation has also changed from -0.7%/yr to -0.6%/yr. from previous models.

12 Year Product Warranty

In addition to the enhanced performance warranty, LG has a product warranty for LG Mono X® Plus of 12 years.

LG280S1C-G4 Solar Panel Dimensions

LG LG280S1C-G4 dimensions

LG LG280S1C-G4 Mono-X Plus Solar Panel

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LG Mono-X Plus solar module specifications
Model Number LG280S1C-G4
STC Rating 280.0 Watts
PTC Rating 252.3
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 38.8 Volts
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 9.33 Amps
Frame Color Black
Origin Korea
Power Tolerance -0 / +3%
Module Efficiency 17.1 %
Area 17.8 ft²
Weight 37.5 lbs.
Length 64.57 in.
Width 39.37 in.
Height 1.57 in.

LG Solar System Pricing

LG solar panel system

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Manufacturer Specification Sheets

View FileLG LG280S1C-G4 Mono X Plus Solar Panel Datasheet    Size: (419.22 KB)
View FileLG Solar Mono X Plus Solar Panel Brochure    Size: (3.89 MB)


LG Solar Mono-X Plus LG280S1C-G4 Solar Panel Review

Mono X Plus Certifications

Mono X Plus certifications
IEC 61215
IEC 61730-1/-2
IEC 62716 (Ammonia Test)
IEC 61701 (Salt Mist Corrosion)
ISO 9001
UL 1703 (Type 2 Fire Rating)

The durable Mono X Plus G4 Series is designed to withstand the elements longer with new features:

Outstanding Durability

With newly reinforced frame design, LG Mono X Plus can endure the static snow load up to 6000 Pa, and the static wind load up to 5400 Pa.

Reduced LID (LiLY Technology)

LG Mono X Plus has improved the initial degradation by applying LG’s new LiLY (LID-improvement for Lifetime Yield) Technology, which controls formation of Boron- Oxygen pair, the key factor of LID.

Aesthetic Roof

LG Mono X Plus may increase the house value with its shiny black frames. Also, it looks similar to all-black module from a long distance.

Light and Convenient

LG Mono X is carefully designed to benefit installers by allowing quick installation with a weight of just 17kg and better grips.

Ultra Stable Physical Durability

LG Mono X Plus modules are designed to endure a pressure load of 100 lb which is equivalent to a pile of snow higher than 1.8 meters (weighing more than 1920 lb). In order to ensure durability against wind load, the rear of LG Mono X Plus frame is also designed to endure a pressure of 100 lb, which is equivalent to a wind speed of 208 mph.

panel frame water drain design

Finer Water Drain Design

LG Mono X Plus modules have 4 capillary drains placed in every corner on the front side, liquid sliding design between front glass and frame, and 12 drain holes on the rear side.

Durable Anodized Aluminium Frame

All frames of LG Mono X Plus are anodized to lengthen the life cycle of modules by forming thick and dense oxide (SiO2) that may help protect modules from electrochemically detrimental factors.

Frame Binding With Screw

Since screws are used in the assembly of all LG Mono X Plus frames, modules are exposed to a much lower risk of physical distortioncaused by external forces. The majority of our competitors, however, use the corner-key type (without screws) that leaves them in a far more vulnerable position when facing future distortion from external pressures.

Lower Dust Level Manufacturing Environment

The LG Solar production site achieved Class 10,000: This is close to lower dust environment and can only be achieved when a dimension of 1ft³ contains less than 10,000 pieces of debris.

Mono X Plus improvements

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