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ReneSola Solar Panels

 ReneSola Solar Panels

ReneSola is known for their Virtus and monocrystalline solar panels. The ReneSola Virtus II solar panel is a combination of the high quality and efficiency of monocrystalline modules, with the lower cost of multicrystalline modules. Vitus solar panels are up to 4% more efficient than standard multicrystalline. For greater efficiency, a smaller footprint per watt and a sleek dark look, ReneSola also manufactures monocrystalline solar panels.

ReneSola solar panels have scored top PTC ratings with high annual kilowatt-hour output, according to the California Energy Commission (CEC). ReneSola solar PV modules can be found in projects ranging in size from a few kilowatts to multi-megawatts in markets around the world.

Review and compare these ReneSola solar panels:


ReneSola Solar Panels Review

solar system costFounded in 2005, ReneSola (NYSE:SOL) is a leading global manufacturer of high-efficiency solar PV modules and wafers. Leveraging its proprietary technologies, economies of scale, and technical expertise, ReneSola uses in-house virgin polysilicon and a vertically integrated business model to provide customers with high-quality, cost-competitive products.

Virtus II

ReneSola developed the DDS process for its Virtus solar cells. ReneSola’s innovative ingot growth technology improves the uniformity of the grain size and preferred orientation, resulting in higher minor-carrier lifetime and lower dislocation density. The outcome is significantly increased cell efficiency.

The company’s innovative, controlled, DDS production process for the Virtus A ++ wafers produces far fewer defects than conventional multicrystalline silicon wafers. This enables VirtusII solar modules to achieve a 4% higher power output, yet maintain the same LID and CTM loss.

ReneSola's Virtus II solar panels are known for their minimal degradation results with long life cycles in high heat, providing reliable power output. The TÜV Nord certification reaffirms that ReneSola solar panels can withstand dusty and desert-like conditions. ReneSola engineers its modules to be capable of suiting many special climates.


A very high module conversion efficiency means a smaller footprint. The 156 Series Monocrystalline uses less space per watt than other types of solar panels to maximize solar power production in a limited space.

The sleek black frame and dark square monocrystalline solar cells provide an aesthetically pleasing and modern look for any system application.

Micro Replus Micro Inverter

We often jest about an "AC solar panel". The ReneSola Micro Replus micro inverter is a smart grid-tie micro-inverter developed by Renesola for rooftop and ground mount solar systems. These essentially turn each solar module into a mini AC grid-tie power system.

The Micro Replus inverters are particularly nice for low-cost projects with low light or shading issues. Micro Replus inverters increase the total energy output of a solar panel array, especially when covered in shade or debris. It is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions with its weatherproof cabling and silicone potted enclosure.

Ready for long-term reliability

Mechanical Load Capability of up to 5400 Pa ensures the highest snow and wind load resistance.

All ReneSola solar panels are easy to install with standard MC cables. They are commonly used for grid-tie solar systems and off-grid applications.

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